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Please Blogger, Restore My Deleted Blog!

Recently, we've seen a lot of bloggers admitting to their mistakes.
I deleted the wrong blog! I had two, one was a duplicate of the other, but I wanted to keep the one that I deleted! Help!!
I had my two year old on my lap. She grabbed the mouse, and deleted my blog while I was talking on the phone. What do I do now?
And the answer, long ago, was
Post the URL of the blog, and we will see if a Blogger / Google employee will read here, and take pity on you.

That changed, some time ago. Now, you can undelete the blog yourself - as long as you yourself deleted the blog, less than 90 days ago, and did not select "Delete permanently".

You simply need to login to Blogger, using the right Blogger / Google account, and look for the "Deleted blogs" link at the bottom of the "My blogs" selector list.

So there is the "Delete This Blog" selection.

Dare I?

OK, it's gone - maybe. I go to the end of the dashboard blog list, just above the Reading List. Click on the link to "Show all" / "View all blogs".

There it is, again. And the important link "Undelete this blog".

So, it says that it was restored?

Seeing is believing!

As long as you don't delete the account that owns the blog, or select "Delete permanently", you can get the blog back - for up to 90 days from date of deletion. Until then, you own the blog. If you can transfer control of the blog, you can get rid of it. If not, it's yours - and it stays yours, for the 90 days.

Please, do not delete the owning account. If you just did that, you now have to get the Google account restored (and not recreated), using Google Accounts Help. After you do that, then you can restore the blog(s) owned by the account. If you deleted a Google account that hosts photos displayed in a blog, however, those photos are gone.

Note that, if the blog is published to a non BlogSpot URL (aka "custom domain"), you will need to recycle the publishing - publish back to BlogSpot, then re publish to the domain URL.

(Update 3/30): Blogger did build in good support for team blogs, and undelete ability.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting this, I thought it was gone and now it's back again.

You are a star!
About Nate said…
My old blog name was says now the account has been I going to be able to retrieve my blog again seeing I have deleted it? Thanks
Nitecruzr said…
If you deleted the account that owned the blog, you're going to have to have that account restored. If Blogger deleted the account, for TOS violation, you're going to have to appeal the violation.
Unknown said…
That is fantastic.It is a real utility. Nice informative post. Thank you for sharing.

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Larry D said…
Thanks for the help, right now I have 4 separate blogs running loose all cloned off of my original I did get my original back though so progress was made. Thanks Again
Peter Kearns said…
What if you deleted the owning google account?
Nitecruzr said…

If you deleted the owning account, you have to get the owning account restored.
iskandarX said…
This is helpfull informaton because I'm recently getting blog delete by just right now.
i108 said…
What about recovering deleted posts?
Nitecruzr said…

I suspect that deleted posts may not be recoverable. Did you not see the warning "This action cannot be undone."?
MyArmyLife said…
How do you go about restoring a Google account? I deleted my account with the blog I wanted to keep (accidentally).
Unknown said…
When does the name become available again if you deleted it four or five months ago? Thanks
Nitecruzr said…

When Blogger introduced the "Un Delete My Blog" option, they stated that it would be effective for up to 90 days. Presumably, after 90 days the URL should be publicly available, but this being Blogger code, I'd take that with a grain of salt. Is the blog no longer on the dashboard with the Un Delete link?
Ric Duncombe said…
Mr Chuck

I have a similar problem to the above poster. My blog was deleted about four months ago (for reasons i no longer understand!) but id like it back now as some of the posts were interesting and id like to get it back running. on the dashboard it makes no mention of any existing blog

'You are not an author on any blogs yet, create one now to start posting!'

which isnt too promising. however, in the blogs i am following, it lists my old blog and all the posts, so something tells me it still exists somewhere and i should be able to get it back.

have you any advice please?
Nitecruzr said…

I see this report once or twice a day, and 3/4 of the time, it's because of inadvertent creation of a second Blogger account. If that's not helpful to you, please ask a new question in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can help you using peer support.
Mike said…
I don't see this "view all blog" link... any help?
char charles said…
Dear Chuck instead of trying to get back my blog that was deleted accidentially... can I import my wordpress blog to blogger?

Nitecruzr said…

You can import a WordPress blog to Blogger, though I don't think that you'll be able to import it to the URL that was deleted. Importation of blog content won't bypass the need to get a URL unlocked.
atlantadotmom said…
I did what I wasn't supposed to do. I deleted the account associated with the blog. I have restored that account but when I go to old blog site
I can't get access and it says no blogs are associated with my google account. I just want copies of my old blogs. I did this deletion about 2 to 3 months ago.
Crystal Lynn said…
My blog was deleted accidentally when I deleted my gmail account that was somehow associated with it. I sign in to my blog with a hotmail email account so I thought it would be fine. But all my blogs are gone now. How do I restore my gmail account that I deleted?
Hannah Laine said…
PLEASE help me recover my blog. I deleted my gmail address because it got hacked, but before I did that,I added a new email address to blogger thinking I could access it again with that. I can not. Please help. THis is my family blog with over 5 years of history.
Nitecruzr said…

You need to follow protocol, and have the GMail account restored. If this is unclear, pleasee post back in your forum discussion.
Unknown said…
Alas, this works if you've only deleted the blog. If you've deleted the account, you are basically SOL.
Nitecruzr said…

If you deleted the owning Blogger account, you have to get the Blogger account restored - then un delete the blog.
anonymous said…
the blog which got deleted a day ago is not in my how can i undelete it.
Nitecruzr said…

I have no idea. Have you asked in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken?
Be Bold! said…
I'm sorry. I am confused. I can't log in with my gmail account which is still active. and I can see my blog here: but have no access to it and it says I don't own a blog. I am so confused. I don't remember deleting anything. I didn't visit it for a few months and then just couldn't. I have written them with no response. it keeps saying I should "start a blog". I just want access to the old one. I can copy the html, would that help me to just start again and paste the html in? ugh. thanks. be.

now it made me sign up again just to post this post. so confused!
Nitecruzr said…

This is a problem which mus be discussed in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, as it will require a long conversation.
please help me out. I had 3 blogs; yesterday they disappeared - they aren't even listed on my dashboard. where did they go?

on my dashboard, it says:

"You are not an author on any blogs yet, create one now to start posting!" I started our family blog in Jan 2010, have had some probs but worked through them.
Am pretty upset that blog is now gone - family px, memories, etc.
thank you
S.Y.M.N.T.Y. said…
So, what if you delete it thinking you have 90 days to change your mind. Then forget. Then remember, and it's too late? Is there no way to ever get it back? It's still listed in my reading list. I just can't access the full posts. Please help, thank you!!!
Nitecruzr said…

Sorry, it's gone. After 90 days, you lose any chance to un delete a blog.
Unknown said…
Thank you a MIllion!
worked like a charm
Unknown said…
Hello, I didn't delete my blog, I think the administrators may have done something due to inactivity. I have the URL, I can access my blog (read only) but can no longer write new posts, make changes to the blog etc. When I go to the dashboard my blog is not there. It says I have no blogs.

I started a new blog, added a link in the new blog to share my old blog. The new blog has a different URL but the same email as the original blog. Is there any way to retrieve the old blog or should I just leave it as a link in my new blog?

Additionally, when using my old blog, no one, including myself, was able to *PIN* photos. I didn't have the *PIN IT* button downloaded on the blog itself. In the early stages of PINTEREST in order to *PIN* one had to install the *PIN IT* button on their personal computer, while on the web click on the *PIN IT* button and images would appear on a tile-like page. By clicking on a photo you wanted to go to PINTEREST. For some reason when clicking the *PIN IT* button, the tiles on my old blog all appeared blank. Do you have any idea what the cause might be and how to correct it?

I am able to *PIN* on my new blog, even with photos copied and pasted from my old blog. I did install the *PIN IT* button in my widgets in the new blog. When clicking on the link to the old blog, however, the tiles are still gray. If there is no way to correct the *PIN* issue I will not try to restore my old blog.

Thanks for all you do for those of us that aren't quite tech savy.


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