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Atom / RSS Feeds Are Empty - Again

Once again, we have several reports from bloggers who publish blogs to external servers, using FTP.
Tha file at is ok. But the files in my FTP ( and atom.xml) are at 0.
I noticed on my server that although Blogger is writing the postings to the correct path and archives on my server, and although the progress screen says it is writing to the files atom.xml and rss.xml on that server, in fact these files are remaining at 0 bytes.

This problem, first seen a couple weeks ago, and fixed shortly after it was seen, has returned.

(Update 13:00): Blogger has declared this issue fixed.
Update: This has been fixed.
As with the previous occasion, I suggest that you republish your blog.

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Russell Blanc said…
And yes, I too am having this exact problem...
Kris Nelson said…
Yes, it looks like I'm having the problem again this time as well.

One of my blogs was last published yesterday AM and appears to be fine. A second blog of mine was updated this morning and the atom/rss files are 0.
Villa Holidays said…
Having exaclty the same problem with

Not sure if I should spend hours trying to figure out how/if I can fix it or wait?
Same problem...
still having problems with 0 after republishing
I am also having htis problem and have spent extensive time trying to fix it. I have followed the advice of all postings i Have found and have communicated extensively with my host.
Nitecruzr said…

This problem was declared fixed, several weeks ago. If you're still seeing this problem, you need to post details in GBH: How Do I?, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging. Peer support is a much better way to explore this.

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