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New Owners Of Custom Domains, Purchased Through Google, Lack Google Apps Or DNS Manager Access

Setting up a Google Custom Domain, and publishing your blog to a non-BlogSpot URL, is an exciting prospect for many bloggers. Part of the excitement, after using the "Buy A Domain For Your Blog" wizard, or from Google Apps, includes receipt of an email from Google Apps, giving instructions on logging in to Google Apps, and giving us access to the DNS Manager wizard for the domain registrar (eNom or GoDaddy). And providing positive proof that he / she is now the owner of the domain.

Recently, we've been seeing reports from unhappy bloggers who report
I have only received the mail of confirmation of the purchase and of spending the $10 USD, but nothing else.
This discovery is made generally when the blogger reports a problem with the domain, and when advised to correct it using the Domain DNS wizard, replies that he has no access to the DNS wizard, and in some cases, no access to Google Apps either. In other cases, the blogger may have access to Google Apps, and an account / password to the registrar's DNS Manager, but the DNS Manager access doesn't work.
When I follow the above instructions (trying to login to the DNS manager), I get this message.
The domain name is not active and can not be updated or renewed through this site.
Please contact us for assistance.
Please advise.

If you are a blogger who is making this unfortunate discovery, please provide some basic details:
  • What is the domain URL (Please!)?
  • When did you purchase the domain?
  • Did you use "Buy A Domain" or Google Apps?
  • Did you receive any email? From Google Apps? From the registrar? What did you receive?
  • Who was the registrar - eNom or GoDaddy?
  • If you were able to login to Google Apps, were you able to login to the registrar DNS wizard?

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Mariposa said…
Oh, really? I've been planning of getting my own domain from Blogger...but I'm hesitant it might affect my site authority, and it might give dead links to some people who linked to me through specific post.

Maybe you can write a post on this... :)
Admin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Slim Fadi said…
first of all thnx alot
second, here are the answers

* What is the domain URL (Please!)?

* When did you purchase the domain?

about 4 days ago

* Did you use "Buy A Domain" or Google Apps?

i bought a domain from the wizard at blogger

* Did you receive any email? From Google Apps?
From the registrar? What did you receive?

no, just the one from goofle check out

* Who was the registrar - eNom or GoDaddy?

when i was buying the domain i saw "powered by"

* If you were able to login to Google Apps, were you able to login to the registrar DNS wizard?
i'm havn't recieved an email from google apps, and i tried to log in using this URL that i got from google help :
but it says:
Sorry, you've reached a login page for a domain that isn't using Google Apps. Please check the web address and try again

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