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Error 400 Series Symptoms - May 30, 2011

We've been noting Error 400 reports , from people trying to use Blogger, for some time. Tonight, we're seeing a significant increase in the reporting level for this symptom. Blogger Support has fixed the problem . We've rolled back the change that caused issues you have observed, so you should be able to clear the cookies for and fix the problem.

Followers Gadget Content Intermittently Visible, For Some Blog Guests And Owners

The Followers gadget is a Blogger / Google accessory that has a long history of problems. In April / May 2011, we had numerous reports from blog owners, whose Followers gadget was visible to nobody, either themselves or their guests. Nobody can see my Followers! Blogger fixed that problem - but the problems, like some battery powered toys, just keep coming, and coming.

Optimising Your Blogger Blog

Periodically, we see queries about SEO, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? . How do I optimise my blog? The asker, in many cases, appears to think that there is an SEO kit available for Blogger blogs. This kit, if one should exist, is a "Do It Yourself" product - not available in stores.

Tab / Window Management Is Controlled By Our Readers

Some blog owners are confused about the use of the "new window" link modifier target="_blank" and think that it gives them uncontrolled powers over the readers browsing experience, when visiting their blog. I want to select "new tab", rather than "new window", for all my blog links. and I want my links to open in a new window, regardless of how my readers setup their browsers. And both of these concepts ignore the personal needs of the blog readers.

Google Video Stops Accepting New Content

This weekend, many blog owners are discovering a possible change in Google service . I cannot upload videos to my blog, and I get an error message. Sorry, there was an error uploading your video. Please contact support and include the following information: Blog Id:99999999 Video Id: This would suggest that Google finally decided to end the schizophrenic confusion of Google Video vs YouTube, and go with YouTube for non business video hosting.

Cookie Filtering, And Commenting Ability

Until late May 2011, we would see various odd and mysterious problem reports, about posting comments, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken . I posted a comment, but now I can't delete it. It's labeled as "Anonymous" - even though I used my Google account! and I tried to publish my comment, but the Publish button doesn't do anything. Both complaints were representative of the many different problem reports seen.

Blogger SEO - Publish, And Publicise

One of the odder questions, by folks who just don't get it, comes from the folks who value SEO - but don't want to work for it. Why is Blogger so weak on SEO? What many folks just don't realise is that Blogger leaves the SEO to us - because Blogger supports other folks rights to publish their blogs anonymously, and without SEO. It's your choice - and it's your effort to make - either way.

IFrames, Layered Security, And Following

A little over two years ago, I wrote about Following, and an odd detail . I clicked on the users picture. Where is the button to Block the user? People, even when logged in to Blogger, as an administrator of their own blog, were being treated as a Guest, when using Following on that blog. I attributed that oddity to the fact that Following was served inside an iframe , which made the Blogger login cookie irrelevant to Following, since Following is served from a separate domain . The navbar, another fascinating artifact of Blogger life, is another iframe hosted feature - but it is served from "", the main Blogger domain . Recently, I discovered that this was no longer the case.

One Form Of "New Car Syndrome", And Blogger

Have you, as a car owner, ever had the privilege of purchasing a new car? Maybe you budgeted / planned / shopped around for months, to buy the car of your dreams - certain that you would be so distinctive in the purchase of that particular colour, model, trim level, what have you? Maybe, the day after you took delivery of your new car, you drove it to the nearby shopping mall - and there, to your dismay, you discovered reality. You are not the only owner of that particular make / model / trim level. Look at all of the other people, driving your same car! Where did all of the other cars come from? People with blog problems, needing technical assistance, will go through the same reality adjustment.

+1 Buttons Are Now Here

A few short weeks ago, we were seeing various anxious posts in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? , from people wanting the latest Google improvement . How do I get the +1 button? Now that it's here (check my Share buttons after each post), some folks have displayed mixed feelings about having this on their blogs. How do I remove the "+1" icon underneath each blog post? A few may be worried needlessly. How do I get rid of it? It displays my GMail address, that I don't want people to see!