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Spam Blogs - Not

I suspect that spam blogs, and blogs incorrectly identified as spam blogs, will be a problem forever. Just as spam, and email incorrectly identified as spam, will be a problem forever. It doesn't look like there's any current and consistent problem right now though, at least one that's totally up to Blogger to resolve . But this blog isn't going to go away . Even with no active problem, the material here is still relevant to Bloggers. And I sure as heck won't delete this . EDIT: I wrote the above when I was suffering from an attack of optimism. See Open Blogger Issues , for new problems popping up. Does anybody speak for Blogger ? NOTE : If your blog has been falsely flagged, and you are suffering the pain of the word verification puzzle (aka the Captcha), you can get this resolved. Just do NOT waste time with the Blogger Help Form . There is a special link right next to the Captcha. My blog is not spam Click on the link. THIS procedure is quite painless , an