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Disappearing Posts - The Mystery Still Continues

This morning, thanks to the latest reported problem with FTP Publishing, I felt the need to write a new post. And having written my new post, I saw yet again another current (and too long well known) problem with Blogger.

This is not good! How do I advise bloggers who want to publish using FTP, if they can't see the blog?

But, I calmed down and realised that this, in itself, wasn't a major problem. This is a new post, so republish the new post. But, neither republishing the post itself, nor publishing a new Draft post (the recommended workaround from Blogger Support), made any difference. The blog remained blank.

Fortunately, I did think to check the individual post, and that was visible with no problem. So, I waited another 5 minutes or so, and eventually the blog main page became visible, without any further action by me.

But wait - - there's more! Later that morning, I wrote this post, published it, and saw the same thing!

This is getting monotonous!

OK, that's better! But, how many times do I have to do this?

And this experience prompts several questions.
  • How many potential readers are seeing a blank blog, when we're not aware it's happening?
  • How many readers are we losing, because this is happening?
  • Why has this problem continued, without being resolved?

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OK - I followed your link to this website and found this post. I am having serious ISSUES with this problem in . I have posted in forums, asked help and have gotten no good advice. I'm trying you here with a comment.

I can see my blog and posts just fine. I have a 3 column blog (with only 2 widened columns at this time) and everything looks great to me.

My friends are only seeing part of of my 3-column layout (which isn't too concerning since my columns show up fine and I blame that on whatever server they are going through) BUT a few weeks ago I started getting complaints that my posts were not visible until they went through my archives. SO the post exists, but is not always there. IS this MY problem, or is blogger STILL working on this.

Thought please?
Chuck said…
Hi Dani,

Blogger fixed this problem, some time ago. Or at least, the flood of complaints ceased.

I noted your problem report this morning, and the fact that you're using a Pyzam template in your blog. Even if the template is not part of the actual problem, I suspect that it's presence will impede diagnosis of your problem.

I highly suggest that you roll back to a standard, un tweaked Blogger template, while we try to sort this with you. Work on blog content, and leave the decorations alone until you get the posts working.
I do have a Pyzam - but can't seem to get rid of it w/out losing everything. Is there a way to delete this w/out having to get ris of all my stuff? I actually want it gone.

But I would like to note that everything worked fine while it was on there and my readers are split. Some can see everything fine (as can I) but others cannot.

I'm cool with doing what works if you could let me know!

Chuck said…

This post is about a specific Blogger problem with caching of posts, and it affected thousands of blogs. Your problem affects just your blog, which makes it likely that your problem is either your blog template, or one of your posts which contains corrupt code.

You need to start by saving your current template, then loading a standard Blogger template. Then you see if the posts show up for everybody.

If the posts show up for everybody, then we know that you have to start looking at the Pyzam template. If the posts don't show up for everybody, then you try diagnosing this problem like a dropped sidebar.

After you fix the problem, then you re load the Pyzam template. But first, you diagnose and fix the problem.
Alright - the feedback is coming in - it must have been that Pyzam Template because the people who have been having the most problems can see it now no problem.

So I guess that did it for me. But what I don't understand is what caused this to happen all of a sudden? I didn't change anything at all. I don't want it to happen again and would like to know what to look for.

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