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"Another blog is already hosted at this address" - March 2009

For over a year, many (too many) bloggers report seeing the well known monolithic error
Another blog is already hosted at this address.
when trying to publish their blogs to a Google Custom Domain. In the past, this condition could generally (with a bit of effort, sometimes) be reset by recycling domain settings using various Google Apps wizards. Recently, though, the Google Apps solution has become less effective.
I tried doing all the trouble shooting things and it's still not working.
I started to recycle Google Apps, and after several rounds, my www domain started to work, but the naked domain still shows me 404 error. And in "Advanced Settings", I get that naked domain error.

About half the times when Google Apps is not effective, we discover the blog previously published to a URL with mixed case letters. But the mixed case URLs don't seem to be the entire cause of the unrepairable situation. The naked domain error seems to be common in many domains that can't be repaired, too.

For the moment, it appears that the Custom Domain Reset Form will be with us, for a long time.

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Zsolt Bakó said…
so now I can only wait for someone at google to reset my domain?

how will I know if they are done?

how long should I wait?

anyways thanks for your help! but do you think it will help (filling that form) or I should think about moving...

these custom domain problems make me really hopeless...
Chuck said…

That's what it looks like. I submitted a bunch of blogs that were affected by the mixed case URL problem, but I don't believe that your blog was in that group.

Processing of the form is pretty casual right now, so I'm not sure when your entry will be processed, nor how you will know. I wish Blogger Support would improve this service, and resolve your questions, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.
Zsolt Bakó said…
thanks for being such helpful and honest
Chuck said…

Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes, bad news is better than no news.
jasa said…
Hi chuck,

I purchased three domains last week through godaddy auctions and when i try to host them in blogger, all the domains are showing the same error "another blog is already hosted in this address". I tried reseting the fields in google apps.. I don't own a premier account, so i cudn't publish a new page and delete it. I submitted the domain names to google support and the problem has not been rectified for three days... How long will it take for google team to rectify this problem.

I am also having ideas of hosting these domains in wordpress instead of waiting for google team to respond..

Please gimme suggestions..
Chuck said…

We need to explore these problems, interactively, in either GBH: Something Is Broken, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging. You can get help there much more readily.

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