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A Browser For Virginia USA

This month, we see a few interesting complaints
My blog does not open in Internet Explorer but it is working fine in Firefox. And while opening in Internet Explorer, I get the error message "Internet Explorer can not open the webpage"
How do I stop from being aborted everytime I view my blog. I assume it's doing this for anyone whom is trying to view it as well.

The details behind these symptoms vary, intriguingly, though they have a common issue.

Many of these reports are from folks using Internet Explorer V6.

Blogger Support sympathises with the folks suffering, but offers some firm advice
We're looking into the underlying cause of this and hope to have a fix out shortly. However, I would strongly encourage those of you still using IE6 to upgrade to a newer browser. IE6 is quickly becoming obsolete across the net.

In this case, I will support the Blogger stand 110%. Blogger has enough of a challenge keeping up with new browsers, and their idiosyncrasies. Expecting them to support a browser 2 versions old is not realistic.

Move into the future, please. The great state of Virginia is doing so, why not you?

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Penny said…
I don't know, PChuck (or should I call you Nitecruzr?)...

Is it really IE 6.0 or some other hidden issue? I upgraded to IE 8 because I was having the 'Content Warning / blog won't load' issue. A Blog Employee very nicely suggested as you have in your recent post, to upgrade... blah blah blah.

I decided it was time to move on. One of my blogs had daily viewers that were using IE 6.0 and even 5.5. Before I reinstated the Content Warning screen, I warned that those using Explorer versions below 7.0 might not be able to view my blog.

According to Statcounter, I was wrong. The same ISP hosts pops in every day using 6.0 and 5.5 plus a few newbies. They all appear to be accessing the page--kind of hard to tell due to those 'No Referring Links'. I assume that even if the posts have been bookmarked, the viewer still has to get past the warning screen to view the blog.

So PChuck, I'm confused...why is the Warning screen not loading for some using 6.0 but does for others?

I wonder if the load problem has to do with the IE pop up blocker and cookie functions in conjunction with the Google Toolbar? It's a bit annoying to have to allow Cookies and Pop Ups via Explorer's Internet Options then turn around and still have to further allow Pop-Ups on the Google Toolbar or the web page functions (like emailing, log-ins, printing coupons) (that require cookies and pop ups be enabled) won't work...and, if I'm not mistaken, the Content Screen is a pop up window.

Anyway...I love your site. Keep the info flowing...Penny as Sweet Little Angel.
Nitecruzr said…

Boy you bought up a few issues to work through. After Blogger fixes this round of problems this month, that's definitely some details that they need to work on.

I'll give you one immediate answer though. Maybe this is one of the problems, too. The "Content Warning" / "Offsite Redirect Warning" interstitial screens are not pop ups.

A pop up screen comes up on top of the target screen, after the target (main) screen has loaded. The interstitial warning is just the opposite. It comes up before the target (the blog being loaded), and unless the reader clicks in the right place, the target does not come up.

This is one big problem with the interstitial - the search engines stop there because they don't follow buttons. The "I understand, and wish to continue" button is a dead end for search engines. Which leaves many "adult content" providers angry.

But maybe your confusion points out some of the problems with the interstitial - if other people are confused, I'll bet that the Blogger programmers are too.
Nitecruzr said…
BTW, Penny, I'm "Chuck". "PChuck" is a handle that I wanted to use, long ago, when I first started into the Microsoft MVP program. But I found (similar to a lot of bloggers who complain) that "" was taken, though it was dormant.

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