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HTTPS Availability For All All Blogger Blogs

After years of waiting, this blog is now readable, using HTTPS. This blog, and others published using properly setup custom domains, now provides optional HTTPS connectivity - joining BlogSpot published blogs.

Edited Posts Will Not Produce Updated Newsfeed Content

I've written a few posts about editing post content - and discuss clearing cache after editing, to see updates. Generally, my posts reference cached posts content. Sometimes, blog owners need to clear cached feed content, in addition to / instead of clearing cached post content. There is a difference between post content, and newsfeed content - and how both are cached. Newsfeed cache is not as frequent a concern.

Publish To Your Readers In Multiple Languages

Some blog owners speak / write in multiple languages - and want to interact with their different readers, separately, in each different language. Blogger, and Google, support the need for publishing multiple blogs, each written in a different language. The "hreflang" tag, added to a blog, identifies other blogs, published to different languages, with identical or similar content.

AdSense, Blogger Blogs, And Social Network Sharing

Many people who publish blogs also have FaceBook pages - and one of the easiest ways to get traffic, to the blog, is to share the blog to a FaceBook page. Some people want money for publishing their blogs. AdSense is a very popular way to earn from publishing. AdSense produces the best results, with lots of readers to read the blog, click on the ads, and buy the products and services advertised. FaceBook, and similar social network sharing services, is not the best choice for advertising a blog that uses AdSense ads.

HTTPS Availability For Custom Domain Published Blogs

After many years of waiting, people who publish blogs using custom domains can provide HTTPS connectivity, to their readers. Right now, HTTPS Availability / Redirect can be enabled, for custom domain published blogs, using Draft Blogger.

Chrome Browser, And Elegant Disappearing Scroll Tabs

The disappearing scroll tab, in the latest Chrome browser version, is tres elegante - for some blog owners. Personally, I'm not convinced. Hover the cursor in the scroll tab area, to get the tab to pop out. If you use the Chrome browser, and the display content is longer (or wider) than one physical screen, you may not realise that.

Post Editor Displays A Bogus Error When Updating Posts

Some blog owners report a problem with editing posts, in post editor. With any changes made to a published post, an attempt to update shows another monolithic error. An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. But the mystery does not end there. Even seeing the error, a curious blog owner, refreshing the post as displayed, may find a surprise. Even with the mysterious error displayed, repeatedly, the changes just made may be visible in the post.

The Blogger / Google CDN, And Logout Problems

Recently, we've been seeing queries from some anxious blog owners Why should I have to sign out a total of three, four, or more times? With blogs that use a template that shows the navbar, the owner may logout, using the "Sign out" link - but the navbar may continue to suggest that they remain loggedin. This problem may start with how we connect to Blogger, as part of the mysterious Internet cloud .