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FeedBurner Feeds Not Updating Promptly

In the midst of the reports about the Atom / RSS feeds in the FTP published blogs having no content, we see a second problem with feeds. Blogs published to BlogSpot / Google, with feeds redirected to FeedBurner, are seeing serious delays in the FeedBurner feed updates. The problem with the FTP published feeds started last Friday and was resolved yesterday; the problem with the FeedBurner feeds started late last week, and is being reported today.

We can compare the native blog feed ("", which redirects to a FeedBurner feed URL) with the native blog feed, non redirected (""), and note the differences in published posts.

Here's an example, taken from 3/28. Here we see the most recent post visible in the feed.

"" (not redirected)
It Is What It Is

Keir Hardie's 'blog'

Money For Chips
Saturday, March 28, 2009 14:58


"" (redirected from "")
It Is What It Is

Keir Hardie's 'blog'

Cry Me A Liver
Thursday, March 26, 2009 21:00

In this example, the post "Money For Chips", published on Saturday, March 28, 2009, did not get updated in the FeedBurner feed, as of 3/28.

In another example, taken from 3/29:

"" (not redirected)

Gli studenti di oggi

La scuola dal punto di vista di un prof di matematica

Il quadrato costruito sull'ipotenusa è uguale alla radice del dente di mia nonna
Sunday, March 29, 2009 04:09
Per la serie Dimostrazioni Senza Parole, ecco qua un famoso teorema:

yet, "" (redirected from "")
Gli studenti di oggi

La scuola dal punto di vista di un prof di matematica

Altro che tesina d'esame
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 12:52
Keplero ha pubblicato un link, segnalatomi poi anche da Marcello Seri, relativo a uno studio compiuto da alcuni studenti del Liceo Scientifico “A. Vallisneri” di Lucca: analizzando le registrazioni in mp3 delle comunicazioni tra Neil Armstrong (sulla luna) e il controllo di Houston (sulla terra) hanno notato che le parole trasmesse da Houston, riecheggiando all'interno del casco dell'astronauta, rientravano nel suo microfono e venivano ritrasmesse a terra, creando un'eco.

In this example, the post "Il quadrato costruito sull'ipotenusa è uguale alla radice del dente di mia nonna", published on Sunday, March 29, 2009, did not get updated in the FeedBurner feed, as of 3/29.

(Update 3/31): Blogger now states that this has been fixed.
Update: As of 3:05pm PST 3/31/09, this is fixed.

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Michael Leddy said…
Thanks for this post. It's helpful to know that the Blogger/FeedBurner problem is widespread. The lack of any "official" response to posts about it in the Feedburner help group is very frustrating. The FeedBurner Status Blog doesn't even mention this problem (yet).
Serr8d said…
Yes, my blog hasn't updated (RSS) since Saturday. I did just find that Feedburner was acquired by g00gle, and took steps to update my Feedburner account. But even after pinging and analyzing and troubleshootizing, my feeds aren't presenting themselves to my g00gle RSS reader. There's some sort of problem what's beyond my expertise. Maybe it's something to do with the Haloscan commenting system I'm using, which is becoming increasingly flaky.

But, I did find this helpful site. I've bookmarked.
Millie said…
My feed does not work properly. Postings is stuck on a week ago. I have tried everything. Any tips, please?

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