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This one may be the problem of the week. We have Jordan's statement that they are "looking into it" , and that's it. That's a bug that you've caught, unfortunately. We're looking into it right now. >> Forum search links: bX-pn6gdm >> Top

Etiology, Blogger, And You

How many people know what etiology is? Wikipedia defines it as ...the study of causation It's a fancy term for cause and effect. Fancy or not, though, it can have useful applications in real life. In the medical world, it might be used in a study of the spread of an epidemic. In computers, we might apply its principles for analysing a chronic network problem, as in deciding if multiple people, reporting the same symptoms, implies the existence of a major, widespread computer problem. Have you ever been to a hospital, and seen many sick people? If you did go to a hospital, would seeing the many sick people there lead you to conclude that there is a worldwide epidemic in progress? Most people are too analytical to lead to that conclusion. They know that a hospital is where sick people are expected to be seen. Oddly enough, though, many folks who wouldn't make an assumption about a medical epidemic, based upon being in a hospital, will visit a technical help forum,

Make Your Blog Speak Your Language

Lately, we've had a few folks complain about their blog, or parts of it, being in the wrong language. Sometimes, it's not even a foreign language, just "?" everywhere. There are several settings that you can make, which will have varying effects upon your web experience. Consider the effect of each setting, carefully. Some settings may be more relevant in the GUI Post Editor wizard , aka "Compose" mode.


Contending with the (apparently still active) bX-w12hpk for error of the week. Similar in reported volume too. This one appears to be related to the Login script. bX-v6uqpl Additional information uri: /loginz host: >> Forum search links: bX-v6uqpl >> Top


This may be the error code of the week. Low volume, but a steady stream of reports. No consistency of symptoms, other than the code itself. Two posts reporting missing images, but that's a random and well known problem anyway. Does seem to have an alias, bX-v6uqpl , with similar reporting pattern. bX-w12hpk Additional information uri: / host: >> Forum search links: bX-w12hpk >> Top

Could Not Connect To Blogger.Com - Help Diagnose This Problem

In my musings about the well known pink warning Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail. or similarly Cannot View Webpage I realised a lot of questions. I think we need some idea of the nature of this problem. The answers can only come from those suffering . Describe, for the record, all symptoms observed. What does "Cannot Connect To Blogger" / "Cannot Publish To Blogger" mean for you? Where are you located, geographically? What ISP do you have? What type of Internet service - Cable TV, Dialup, DSL, Satellite - do you have? What speed (down / up, if known)? How does your computer connect - Ethernet, WiFi - to your service? Do you have a broadband router? Have you ever tried Publishing, when the message is being displayed on your screen? If Yes, could you, ever, publish successfully? If not, precisely, what error or problem was presented to you? Do you have more than one browser? If so, Have both browsers ever shown the problem? Hav

Your Computer, And Blogger

All of the companies that I've worked for in my history, which had computers, controlled everything rather tightly. Businesses do that. Businesses owned the big computers, aka mainframes. We, as programmers, would write code. We would test the code. We would give the code to a computer operator, who would run the code as a job. We would train the computer operators. All code ran on company owned and controlled computers, over company owned and controlled networks, maintained by company trained personnel. Every change was made, and tested, by people working for the company. Very tightly focused, and controlled.

The Navbar And The Flag Blog Button

Ever played with a hand grenade, or seen it done in a movie? The scene in Stripes , where Capt Stillman accidentally pulls out the pin on one, is a classic. If you pull out the pin, you better have somewhere clear to throw it, and quickly. If you let go of the handle, for even a second, and the fuse lights, you better act fast. Some folks play with the "Flag Blog" button on the Navbar, and think they've just lit a fuse. Fortunately, it's a fuse that you can extinguish easily. The button is a toggle. Click once, turns on. Click again, turns off. Click again, turns on. If you click it an even number of times, from the same computer and same browser, while logged in to the same account and viewing the same blog, you're OK. No harm. (Note): You may find it necessary to clear your cache , to ensure an up to date view of the flag. >> Top

Improving The GUI Fonts And Colors Selection

The GUI Fonts And Colors screen in New Blogger is pretty kewl. Want to change the typeface for the posts? Just pull down the list, and select "Text Font", then select the typeface and size. Want to change the color? Select "Text Color", then select the color from a chart of colors. For all its kewlness, though, it's limited. You can change the post title color, but you can't change the post title font. Maybe there are even more limitations that we haven't realised yet. The good news is, it's expandable - and easily so. You can add your own GUI selections, with very little work. Look at the template, and the Variable definitions at the top (OK, I snipped the list, below, a bit). /* Variable definitions ==================== <Variable name="bgcolor" description="Page Background Color" type="color" default="#fff" value="#ffffff"> ... <Variable name="pagetitlefont" des

Additional bX- Codes Needed?

Not so long ago, many Bloggers would complain, quite frequently of a common problem We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it. After various complaints and suggestions, Blogger seeded their code library and added a seemingly unique error code to each known failure point. Almost overnight, it seemed, complaints mentioning the generic error message quoted above disappeared. A much more maneagable query became common. I have a bX-aaaaaa code - what does it mean? Now, it seems, new Blogger code is being added that doesn't issue a bX- code, and the generic error message is being reported again. >> Forum thread links: bX-*00027 >> Copy this tag: bX-*00027