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The Domain Root ("Naked Domain") May Not Be Optional

One of the most consistently seen complaints, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken , involves blog owners who can't get their blogs working, using custom domain publishing. Thanks to undertrained tech support staff , a common feature at too many registrars, the most common cause of custom domain problems involves failure to use "CNAME" referral - or "CNAME" referral targeting the wrong destination. Both use of forwarding, and "CNAME" referral to the domain root, is seen too often. 1800 IN A or maybe 1800 IN CNAME Please, don't use either of the above address models! Unfortunately, even with the blog properly published to the "www" alias - and with the "www" alias using "CNAME" referral, targeting "" - we still see problems. With neither of the above mistakes made.

Mysterious Text, Overlaying The Post

A few times recently, we've had reports, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken , of mysterious text, appearing in the middle of the posts . How do I remove unwanted text appearing in the middle of the page? Frequently, all that we can see is a mass of text. Occasionally, the mysterious text has been readable. Extracting key phrases from the text, we can some times locate the source of the mysterious text, in the post code.

With Google+ Based Comments, Moderation Is By Community

With Blogger based comments, only the blog owner is allowed to report abusive comments published against their blog. You are free to classify or delete comments posted against your blog - but comments posted against somebody else's blog are their business, and their opinion. With Google+ based comments, moderation is a community exercise . Anybody, seeing an abusive Google+ hosted comment or post, is able to "Block" and / or "Report abuse". You, the blog owner, have no special responsibilities or rights , with regard to comments posted by someone else, against your blog.

Confusion From Feed Gadgets That Don't Display All Feeds In The List

One of the more intriguing subjects of confusion, about feed gadgets, involves gadgets with more feeds in the list then they are set to display. Occasionally, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken , we see the petulant query Why does my blog disappear from (feed gadgets on) other peoples blogs? This confusion starts with the question of how often and when we update our blogs , as opposed to how often and when the other blog owners update their blogs. It continues with the little known effect of the difference between how many feeds are in the gadget list, as opposed to how many feeds the gadget is set to display.

Blogger Magic - A Blog Within A Blog

One of the most fascinating features of Blogger blogs is the various options to organise our content. Long ago, I wrote a simple article, Adding A Blogger Blog To A Website . That's become one of the most consistently popular posts, in this blog. Most blog owners have multiple interests, and like to organise their different interests , by subject - and have a different blog, for each subject. Some people like to have a blog, and a website - and host both the blog and website in one Blogger blog, under one URL. For a small blog / website combination, that's an easy way to start out - and a good alternative, to having multiple blogs / websites.