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W elcome to The Real Blogger Status, now addressed as " ". If you're here looking for help on a specific topic, try "SEARCH BLOG" in the Navbar (top of screen on the left), or look at the multi-style Labels ("Topics" in the sidebar). Or check out the Archives ("Contents" in the sidebar). Or, leave me a comment, but try and find a relevant post . Or try interactive online help, in the Google Blogger Help forums . And, sign my guestbook , if you have a moment. Both the Topic and Key Articles lists, in the sidebar to the right, are hidden - you open either list by clicking on one of the icons. Try it and see. Please note that The Real Blogger Status, like most of my blogs, is written in hypertext . If you're reading an article, you find that you need more detail about what I'm saying, and there's a link in the text there (placed there for your benefit), click on the link . Help me to help you.

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Like any blogger, I appreciate polite comments, when they are relevant to the blog, and posted to the relevant article in the right blog . If you want to ask me a question thats relevant to blogging, but you can't find the right post to start with (I haven't written about everything blogger related, yet, nor the way things are going I don't expect to either), ask your questions here, or leave an entry in my guestbook . As noted above, please note my commenting policy . If you post a comment to this post , I will probably treat it as a "Contact Me" post . If you have an issue that's relevant to any technical issue in the blog, please leave a comment on the specific post , not here. This post is for general comments, and for non posted contact to me. If the form below does not work for you, check your third party cookies setting! For actual technical issues, note that peer support in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken , or Nitecruzr Dot Net - Bloggin

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This blog is The Real Blogger Status . This post is The Real Blogger Status NewsFeeds , and you are looking at the blog itself. What you see is a lot easier for you to read, than for computers to do so. There's another copy of your blog , that's designed for computers to read. The other copy is called the blog (site) feed. The site feed is read by a newsfeed reader. If you would like to be informed, automatically, when this site (or any of millions of other sites on the Internet) is updated with new and interesting articles, you get a newsfeed reader, and subscribe to one or more feeds. You have several choices, for newsfeed readers. Here are a few examples. Browser based: Bloglines , Google Reader , Sage (for FireFox) Cross platform: BottomFeeder Microsoft Windows: FeedDemon , NewsGator Mac OS X: NetNewsWire You have several feed choices, for The Real Blogger Status. You can take any of these feed URLs, and subscribe using any of the above (or numerous other) newsfeed rea


You followed that link OK. Now follow the other links, anytime you need details about a subject, and you don't see enough details, on a page containing a link. It's worth your time to follow the links - I promise. Some links continue to web pages outside The Real Blogger Status, and contain additional explanations or technical details. Please don't just read the first page, then ask questions that are answered, very clearly, on the linked page. That wastes both your time, and my time. Follow The Links. Help Me To Help You . >> Top

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Comments are always appreciated here - but some ways of posting comments are more appreciated than others, when they help me to help you easier. If you have a specific technical concern, please spend some time reading the various posts here. Click on "Topics" in the menu bar, and examine the Topics list . Try and post any comments in a post relevant to the subject of your comment. If you have a question, or need help, about a specific blogging issue, post in Google Blogger Help , or in my supplementary forum Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging . Always post comments about specific technical issues under a post discussing that issue, in the appropriate forum. Please! If you have a technical comment or question, comment under a post with an appropriate title. Post comments about random blogging issues under The Real Blogger Status: Leave Comments Here . Post comments about random networking issues under PChuck's Network: Leave Comments Here . Post comments about random

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I write for all sorts of people - from techies, to folks like my mother (Mom will read my miscellaneous musings , my recipes , and of course my church web site , but she won't read this blog). I get all sorts of comments too. Chuck, your material is so trivial and low detail, it's not worth my time to even comment here. to Chuck, do you speak English? Not jibberjabber? I'm not a techie, and I can't read your advice - it's nothing but jargon. Please! And to both of those type, I'll dedicate this link . If I can help 1/2 the bloggers looking for help, I'll live with that. 1/4 will think me dumb, another 1/4 will think me incomprehensible. Any major league baseball player would settle for a .500 hitting average, and I will too. If you're in the 50%, I'll give you what I can. Work with me, and read the cited articles , and we may get you sorted. Just work with me. >> Top