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Comment Publishing Preview, And "Error 400"

We're seeing a problem with Blogger Hosted Comments - and "Bad Request Error 400", following the use of the comment "Preview" feature. When a blog owner or reader composes a long or important comment, use of the Preview feature is normal. Right now, after hitting "Publish", following a successful Preview, one frequently sees the bad news. Bad Request Error 400 There is a workaround for this annoyance - and it's not difficult to use.

One Cause Of The Monolithic Error "No posts."

One of the most obscure Blogger error messages - next to "Another blog ..." - is the monolithic advice seen on main page display of some blogs. No posts. or maybe There's nothing here! What can you say, to a blog owner who has started a new blog, and spent days publishing blog content - only to view the blog, and see "No posts." - or "There's nothing here!"?

AdSense - Eligibility For Ads Is Based On Content

Many blog owners want the legendary wealth, from publishing a Blogger blog, and adding AdSense ads. Not everybody understands the AdSense review process - and the fact that "Congratulations!" is only the beginning .