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Allow Comment Posting Through Email

If you're like me, you moderate comments that are being posted to your blog. How many times have you needed to reply to a comment, after you moderated and published it, but just didn't feel like making the effort.
  • Open the post in question.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the post and the comments (or open the commenting screen / window).
  • Enter a reply in that little tiny box.
  • Hit "Post Comment".
  • Wait to see if the comment posts, or do you again see
    Your reply could not be processed.
You're in your email program, why can't you post a reply, to a comment just published, through email?
  • Hit "Reply".
  • Compose your reply.
  • Hit "Send".
  • Get on with life.

Tell Blogger to allow us to post replies to comments through email, as we moderate through email.

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Susan said…
Maybe Blogger thinks that some email not intended to be public would get confused with public comments?

Re: How many times have you needed to reply to a comment, but just didn't feel like making the effort.
Wow - never. I'd love to have that problem!
Chuck said…
That's an interesting idea, Susan.

How do you confuse private email with a blog comment? Better yet, how would a private email to you get posted to your blog as a comment, by you hitting "Reply"?
Susan said…
Hmmm ... if I had to guess I'd say I probably have no idea what you were talking about in the first place. Right?
I thought it was that I would post comments to a blog by emailing the blogger rather than this way. But you mean only that the blogger could reply to me by email.
I really only understand about half of what I read on your blog, but ... gotta start somewhere.
Chuck said…
Good point, Susan. I don't always write as coherently as I'd like, though with folks like you being patient and persistent with me, I hope to improve.

BTW, what is "sdsup" - an acronym, part of your name, or a question? Just curious...
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