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What's The URL Of My Blog?

We see the plea for help, periodically
I need the URL of my blog, so I can give it to my friends. Help!
Who's buried in Grant's Tomb, after all?
No Chuck, be polite.
OK, OK. The title of this blog is "The Real Blogger Status", and the title of this post is "What's The URL Of My Blog?".

When I set it up originally, the name of this blog was bloggerstatusforreal, and the URL was When you publish the blog, you specify the URL that's used. Now, this blog is better known as "". My Musings blog, previously published as "", is now known as "".

The original address was "".

The URL "" is the original, BlogSpot address. Not everybody likes having a BlogSpot address, so we can publish to an external address with a moderate amount of work. This blog is published to a Google Custom Domain, and to the URL of "".

Long ago, if I had access to an external (non-Google) server, and didn't mind using a Classical template, I could, alternately, publish using FTP. However, the FTP Publishing option has been discontinued, for several years. Custom Domain Publishing is now the only option, for publishing to a non BlogSpot URL.

Long ago, when I registered "", the "www" alias for that URL, "", was also registered to me, automatically. Nowdays, and if this blog was still published to BlogSpot, and I enabled "HTTPS Redirect", "" would not be available.

With a properly setup custom domain, "" is also usable, though that may require a small amount of extra effort.

Right now, "" is not available.

The URL will be visible, in the dashboard Publishing wizard.

Whether you publish on Blog*Spot, or externally, the URL is visible from Settings - Publishing.

If the blog name is very long (as is this one, "BloggerStatusForReal"), the entire name won't be visible in the box, nor can you easily copy it from there. It's in there though.

If the blog is published to a Google Custom Domain, most other URLs will reference the custom domain URL. You may see either the primary URL or the secondary URL of the domain. On the Settings - Publishing screen, though, you'll see
We won't leave your readers behind! will redirect to your custom domain.
and "xxxxxxx" will be the BlogSpot name.

The URL will be visible, in the browser address window.

You can, alternately, find the entire URL in the address window of the browser, when you're viewing the blog.

There's the URL. Easier to see, and to copy. You can click on this picture, and see it in greater detail, if you wish. Don't try clicking on it a second time though.

Simple, no? Just look in the address bar, and there it is.

Next, one more exercise. Note that, for this blog, I previously went to Settings - Archiving, and set "Enable Post Pages?" to "Yes".

First, click on the title of this article, What's The URL Of My Blog?.

Now, look at the contents of the address bar.

The URL will be visible, in the post URLs.

Now, you see the URL of this post. Look within, for the URL of this blog. <== Post URL <== Blog URL
bloggerstatusforreal <== Blog Name
And by taking the URL of the blog, you can now determine the URLs of the blog feeds.

The URL will be available (if not visible), in various places.

Want other places where you can find the URL? How about various links, in the Blogger displays? Here are a few more possibilities. From any of these links, you can right click and select "Copy Link Location" / "Copy URL" (depending upon your browser). Then, paste wherever you wish.

After publishing a post, you have a choice of 3 links - enlarge the image to see them easily.
  • "View Blog" (at the top, center).
  • "View Post" (to the left).
  • (View Post in a new window) The "#" to the right of "View Post".
Each link contains a URL that you need.

From your Dashboard display, another link "View Blog". That link, likewise, contains the blog URL. Only you can see your dashboard display. If the URL contains a "lockedBlogID", you have a slightly different problem..

Your profile is the public equivalent of your dashboard. Depending upon what blogs you have selected to be seen, the blog in question may be here, and the URL may be available. The "View Blog" link will contain a URL.

Or, a simpler way to save the URL - drag and drop. Grab the favicon, and move it where you wish.

Do you see the tiny white on orange "B", in the browser address bar (in this picture) - just left of 2007/09/whats-url-of-my-blog.html
?? Grab that with your mouse, and drag it to your desktop (or anywhere else that you like). An instant shortcut to this post.

Note that when this article was written, you would have seen an orange on white "B" (the default Blogger logo based favicon). Right now, you'll see my half front face image. Tomorrow, it may be different. Whatever the actual picture though, just grab, drag, and drop.

So now that you know how to find the URL, do something with it. Put it into text, in another blog. Or maybe, into a linklist, in another blog. Or, there are a few more possibilities, for you to consider.

Note, when a blog has been deleted or locked as suspected spam, and the blog is published to a custom domain URL, you may not have any reference to the BlogSpot URL. The best that you may be able to provide, in this case, is the lockedBlogID, as part of the dashboard "Restore Blog" link. In other cases, you may need the BlogID, to identify a non locked blog.


Verin said…
I have found your blog very helpful so far... however, I have one issue that is stil giving me problems, eventhough I have followed your exact instructions.

My problem is the URL of my blog.
I am using the blogroll widget, and I am trying to include my other blogs in this list. (I have 3 blogs).

I click "add" and I paste the url (that I have copied before from each and everyone of your suggestions) and everytime, a message says that it couldn't find the feed for the url.

I have gone to your information about "feed", and I have added the atom, the =rss stuff into the "site feed" section in the basic settings of my blog, and still when I try to add the blog to the blogroll, it gives me the same error.

My main blog is:
The other ones are:

OH! and the same problem I have when I try to import my blog to my facebook notes.

I just can't!

Chuck said…

Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken? If so, and I missed the post, my apologies. The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.
masmasika said…
Hi, thanks for posting this very useful blog.
Anonymous said…
Hmm....i DO have my URL:

But when i search it, it doesn't come up. I asked people to subscribe, but they can't find it on. any ideas? thanks
Chuck said…

The feed is fine.

"Favorite Finds
Saturday, October 03, 2009 10:02
Since I hand paint wine glasses (and so much more, but we'll get to that later) I love anything hand made that is good quality, yet not expensive. Who has the money these days to buy expensive stuff?"

Is this maybe that you just haven't spend any time promoting your blog, to the search engines?
chazz said…
Thanks for the info
Chuck said…
To change the blog URL from to .com or .net, you publish the blog using a Google Custom Domain.
johnpdolden said…
I have a blog called SavingsExpert, which I created on I am not able to find the url so that I can pass it around.
Chuck said…

Might I suggest that you ask this question in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging, so we can both benefit from peer support.
KittyKeys said…
Thank you for all these tips .
teddytrump said…
Hi Chuck , your blog is really helping :)
I might need a mentor like you...
would you mind to help me if I have a problem about bloggin later?

thanks for the help Chuck..really appreciate and I'm following you right now
hellboi said…
hey there... i recently changed the url of my blog to under the settings >publishing > blogspot address section of the blogger dashboard. the problem im facing right now is that eventhough i have submitted the sitemap of google havent indexed it yet. it has been 2 days since i submitted the sitemap . moreover i tried searching for using site: , link : . it still returned 0 results . i tried searching for which is my old url . im still getting search results eventhough i changed the url . pls help me regarding this... how do i let google know that i have only changed the url from to and get indexed ?
Chuck said…

There are a few details which you need to consider, before and after renaming your blog.
hellboi said…
hi chuck !!! you r a genius !!! i totally understood what you are trying to say here...

so here are the list of things i did after i read this totally helpful post...

1)i created a stub blog with the old blog url which is in my case

2)as mentioned i have redirected the feed from the old blog to the new blog
( via "Post feed redirect URL"

3)i added the new url ( to GWT and verified it using new META tags instead of the old one.

I am still having few queries :

a) Right now is a stub blog with only a stub post in it which says i have moved to should i add in GWT along with a sitemap ? if yes should i verify via a META tag so that google can index having only 1 post saying i have moved to ?
Chuck said…

All very good questions. And all well worth asking in BHF: How Do I?, where we can go over each one, one by one, in a proper dialogue.
my blog doesn't appear axcept from facebook
thx ... i wil try to my new blog hahahahaha
This is ridiculous. I, and I imagine innumerable other people, do not have the time and technical savvy to do follow all these instructions just to post a blog. There's got to be an easier way and a better blogging site for those of us who are over 50 and just want to get the words up where the average person can find them. I'm sorry I ever signed on at blogspot. I'm outtahere.
Brenda Stewart said…
@Kathleen Pottle Brannon (5/11/10)
I know just how you feel. Unfortunately I have not found an easier or better way, which keeps me struggling with all things "blog". It seems like those in the know think everyone is. I don't understand ten percent of what I read about how to do things! Consequently I have about 30 posts on my blog which I would consider a very interesting subject, yet in over six months my total readership is barely over 100! But I keep writing and posting anyway.
Brenda Stewart
suresh.a said…
i hve created a blog recently but wen i search tat blog name in blogsearch it not show me....wat 2 do pls help me
thank very much indeed
This is the first time I come to here.. I see your blog very helpful so far. I like to know you more... From Putri Arisnawati -
Admin said…
I was in need of this information !
AIsar said…
Can you please help i've create a blogspot, but blog is not showing in google search engine. :( can anyone please tell me the procedures that i have to go through, by step by step?

Thanks in advance
Amit Rawat said…
hi i just started following your blog and i'm really impressed with it..!
drushtin said…
really helpful.....
My problem is the URL of my blog.
I am using the blogroll widget, and I am trying to include my other blogs in this list. (I have 3 blogs).

I click "add" and I paste the url (that I have copied before from each and everyone of your suggestions) and everytime, a message says that it couldn't find the feed for the url.sumber referensi
Thank you so much

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