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Basics: You Cannot Login To My Blogger Account

My Blogger account, and my blogs, are my property. Your Blogger account, and blogs, are your property.

This is a concept that not everybody seems to understand. Just as you cannot login to my account, I cannot login to your account - nor can Blogger Support or Google Security login to your account.

If you have a problem with your account, we will do our best to advise you how to resolve your problem - if at all possible. You have to do the work, though.

Maintaining access to your blog(s) - and maintaining content of your blog(s) - are your responsibility.

Neither Blogger nor Google can correct your mistakes, without your action.

Neither Blogger, nor Google, can (legally) login to your account - or return your account to your control, if you have not properly maintained your account. Nor will any helpers, that should be trusted, legitimately request that you provide your email address - or email them, for assistance.

Similarly, any third party relationship - such as your responsibility with a registrar, or maybe with a supplier of third party accessories or software - are your responsibility.

Blogger lets us - and encourages us - publish our blogs anonymously. Blogger provides content guidelines - and Google provides Terms of Service.

Blogger has specific cases where they can report our actions to local authorities.

Blogger / Google states specific examples where they will contact the local authorities and report our possible behaviour.

Child safety: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. Some examples of this include:
  • Child sexual abuse imagery: We will terminate the accounts of any user we find publishing or distributing child sexual abuse imagery. We will also report that user to law enforcement.

Based upon specific cases explicitly stated, it's unlikely that they would generally report our content for miscellaneous reasons, to local law enforcement.

Blogger legally cannot login to our accounts - even to fix a mistake.

Blogger does enforce TOS restrictions, when they classify spam blogs - but even then, they use automated processes. They don't login to our accounts, and retrieve unpublished content - content is classified, only after it is published.

If you unwisely delete a post - or install an unsafe third party template - they can't access your account, and restore your post or repair the template. That is your responsibility. Similarly, they can't login to your domain account, and fix your custom domain configuration.

You can share your blog - but do not share your account.

If you want your friends to share in the enjoyment of publishing your blog, you can have a team blog. You can add your friends as team authors of your blog - and they can accept author responsibility, using their own Blogger accounts.

If you trust your friends, you can make some team administrators - but do this only if you trust them.

Team authors, or team administrators, you do not share your Blogger account - with anybody.

Accept the responsibility.

You are an adult (or are presumed to be one, legally). Let Blogger and Google treat you as an adult. Please, accept responsibility, for your mistakes.


Grumpy1 said…
Well said, and written, Chuck.

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