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Spam Review Is Not By Word Of Honour

Too frequently, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, we try to advise blog recovery for a legitimate blog, unrighteously deleted by Blogger.

Occasionally, when advised to
Find a dashboard link labeled "Deleted blogs" / "Locked blogs".
Having found the link, you submit a Review request.
The response is
There is no dashboard link, referencing 'deleted blogs / locked blogs'.
There are several causes of this condition - but there is only one real solution. The (would be) owner has to login with the right Blogger account, and find the necessary "Deleted" / "Locked" blogs section, of "My blogs".

The initial "Restore" / "Review" request, for a deleted / locked blog, has to start from the proper dashboard link.

Restore / review requests must be submitted by the owner.
The spam classification / review process requires restore / review requests to be submitted by the blog owner. It is not a "word of honour" system.

This is a simple restriction, in most cases. It does create a challenge for team blogs, multi account owners, people who have lost control of their blogs (and can only publish to them using an author account), and similar scenarios.

If the owner cannot login with the correct account, the blog can't be managed.
Blog recovery cannot be a "word of honour" process. Besides the possibility of malicious hijacking, were restores by the general public an accepted Blogger procedure, some blogs might be restored with no active owner.

If the owner can't manage a (currently deleted) blog, is there truly a benefit to having it restored? If the owner can manage the blog, he (she) only has to login as the owner, and request restore / review (when possible).

There's only 2 possibilities, here.
It's that simple.
  • If the link is in the dashboard, you can request restore / review.
  • If the link is not in the dashboard, you cannot request restore / review.

Once again, we see that your blog will remain your blog, forever - if, and only if you maintain active ownership.


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