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You Can't Change Email Address During Recovery

One intriguing blog theft technique is tried also by people who have recently lost control of their blogs.
I recently changed my email address (and forgot my password). Can Blogger please send a password reset to my new address "xxxxxxx", instead of "yyyyyyy"?
The blog owner is overlooking the obvious - that this is exactly what any blog thief might try, too.

Too many blog thefts start with the owner unwisely advertising the email address.

Knowing a former email address, any imaginative blog thief would happily post in the forum.

I don't remember the password - and I recently changed my job / moved Internet service / graduated from college. Can Blogger please send a password reset to my new address "xxxxxxx", instead of to my old address "yyyyyyy"?

Add / Update backup authentication, while you can login as an account owner.

If you want to change the email address, you can do that - while the blog is under your control. Trying to reset the password, and change email address, simultaneously, makes you look like a would be blog thief - and brings you no closer to recovering access to your blog.

Google offers an assortment of backup authentication choices.

Google provides an assortment of choices for backup authentication.

  • Backup email (text message).
  • Backup phone (text or voice message).
  • USB key.
  • 2 Step Verification by smart phone.
  • 2 Step Verification by one time throwaway password.

All of these choices must be added and updated, while you are logged in to Google - and may require secondary authentication, after use. None of them are useful, when not already setup and up to date, before you forget your account name or password.

Work with Blogger - not against them.

Blogger is trying to reduce the volume of blog thefts - not increase the volume. Work with Blogger, and start remembering your account name and password.


Judy Johnson said…
Blogger must have changed while I was sleeping. When I enter the url of my old blog, I can see it, but no option to sign in. I do have my original non-gmail account I used to set it up, and the last password which I changed in 2011. I would like to continue my blog, but don't know how to get to it. I was pleased to see my blog is still "out there", but need help knowing what to do. I see no way to use an old email address. Do I need to sign up with blogger using my gmail account now?

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