Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recovering A Deleted Page Or Post

In late 2010, Blogger Support announced that they cannot provide the service to restore deleted posts.

Once you (the blog owner) delete a post, it's gone. Fortunately, there are several possibilities, to recover deleted posts - though some work may be required.

There are several possible techniques, for recovering one or more deleted posts.

The choices of recovery / restore may depend upon how the deletion / removal occurred.
Saved as Draft, because of DMCA violation accusation.
If Blogger deletes a post, because of an accused DMCA violation (righteous, or spurious), you'll find the post saved as Draft. You can, possibly, republish the deleted post(s) - though if you don't have the DMCA Violation accusation resolved, you risk having your Blogger account and blog deleted as a repeat and unrepentant offender.

Visible in search engine cache.
If you can find the content of the post, in search engine cache, you can retrieve the PostID. Knowing both the BlogID and the PostID, you can edit the post, and re publish it.

If I was to delete this post, I (or another blog administrator), when logged in to Blogger, could edit this post, and Publish it again, using the Post Editor URL and the PostID.;postID=8899607620317019913
Simlarly, for a deleted page,;pageID=8872543322493900789


Using this technique, you can recover the entire page or post, including all content and formatting - and the original URL. This technique won't work for un indexed blogs, or for new pages, however. Private blogs are likely to be un indexed, also.

Visible in blog feed.
You may, with a little work, be able to retrieve the BlogID and PostID from the blog posts newsfeed, using a text browser. In that case, you can re publish the post, using the above URL construction. I'm not sure that this technique will work, for pages.

If search engine cache isn't available, and if the blog publishes a post feed, you can possibly subscribe to the post feed in Google Reader or a similar feed reader, and retrieve the text content of the post. Having the text of the missing post visible to you, you can copy and paste the content, into post editor, and Publish the post again.

Using this technique, you'll have to reformat the post content, as feed content is formatted relatively simply. When you publish the post, it will publish as a new post, with a new URL. You'll use a Custom Redirect, from the Old URL to the New URL, if you want to retain post reputation. This technique won't work for private blogs, or for blogs where the feed is disabled.

So, if you delete a post, or if Blogger deletes it on your behalf, there are various options for recovery - though neither search engine cache nor blog feed options will likely work, for private blogs. And some options may be more or less desirable than others.

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Jitendra Indave said...

its really bad news for bloggers that since 2010 google not providing facility to recover delted post.

Sweet Root Village said...

I was just selected two posts on the second page of my posts to delete. Turns out all 50 posts on the previous page were still selected???? I just deleted months and months of posts, and there is no undo button........

Chuck Croll said...


I have warned people before about using the "Edit Posts" / "Posts" menu to bulk delete posts.

Your best bet is to get started. Recover 5 posts / day, and be done in 10 days. Or, recover 25 posts / day, and be done in 2 days. You choose. said...

Thank you, I'm new to the world of blogging, I've been trying to recover a deleted post, going around in circles reading how to notes, even attempting to follow You Tube without success. Two days and eight hours later you saved the day! I thought I was a lost cause, but I finally got it!

That’s one down, I still have other things to tweak on my blog before I'm satisfied, but can one ever be satisfied.. Thank you.

April said...

You just saved me a ton of heartache. THANK YOU!

Racing Raisins said...

thank you so much!!!

Juliana Silva said...

Excellent!!! Thanks much for your help said...

Just saved my bacon! Thank you for this post!

Sean Rasmussen said...

Simple and intuitive tricks that can help any bloggers out there. I hope this post shows up on the first page of Google for those who are looking for an instant fix for this kind of issue they are facing.

Tricky said...

Thank you so much!! I was able to restore my old post :D

Christine Davenport said...

What about restoring an old version of a post? Blogger deleted all of my info in a post, but not the post itself? I was left with a blank page. Any ideas?