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Wrapping Text Around A Photo

One of the neatest ways to combine photos (images, pictures) and text is to display a photo in the middle of the text.

It takes very little work to make text "flow" around a photo, or to wrap the text around the photo.

Working in HTML mode, it's easy to see the settings in the code, to make text flow around a photo.

Here's a section of my earlier post, Possible Resolution For The bX-w7tr63 Error, which contains wrappable text.

See how the text "flows" around the photo? That's such a simple task.

Here's the section, in more detail. See how the text floats, to the right of the photo? See how the following paragraph breaks?

All that you need, for text to flow from the right and under the photo, is for the photo to float to the left.

That's a selection in "Choose a layout", when you use "Insert image".

After the photo has been uploaded, just choose "Left", for "Image alignment".

I use "Medium" for "Image size", to make the photo readable, and leave room for the text - as you can see here.

And here, we have the code section, with the photo uploaded, and inserted properly.

Blogger Engineering is testing some fixes, in Draft Blogger, that may resolve some of the more common causes of this ubiquitous error code. <br /><br /> <a href="" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 0em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" src="" /></a><br />This is one of the most persistent error codes, being reported in the forums.*<br /><br /> If you are affected by a w7tr63 problem, you may first try temporarily using <a href="" target="_blank">the Draft Blogger dashboard</a>.<br /><br />If you only use "" temporarily, you can return to a normal state, by using "", any time you wish. <br /><br clear=left /> If you try Draft Blogger, and decide that it is helping you, you can <a href="">select "Make Draft Blogger my default"</a>, and your normal login will redirect to Draft Blogger. In that case, you can <a href="">de select "Make Draft Blogger my default"</a>, to return to normal Blogger, if you ever need.
There are two key code phrases, seen above.
float: left;
is part of the photo link.
<br clear=left />
follows the text that you wish to display at the upper right of the photo.

Then, just follow
<br clear=left />
with the rest of the post.


Gina said…
Where is that "insert image wizard"?


Nitecruzr said…
Hi Gina,

Thanks for the question. The "Insert image" wizard is a series of popup windows, that you get when you hit the "Insert image" button in the toolbar. The window that you need is labeled "Choose a layout".

See if my slight rewording of the text makes it any clearer.

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