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Plan Before Starting Blogger Account Control Recovery

Too many would be blog owners (blog thieves?) complain how unhelpful Blogger is - and even, that Blogger is fraudulently denying them access to their Blogger account, and their blogs.

They fail to acknowledge that Blogger / Google has a responsibility to millions of blog owners, who remember their login details - and who do not want thieves stealing their blogs.

If you need assistance recovering control of your account and your blog(s), you need to help Blogger to help you. Prepare to provide proof that you are (should be) the account owner.

Plan the recovery process, before you start.
  1. Do the research - compile your history, based on email archives.
  2. Identify previously used browsers and computers - in the normal location.
  3. Prepare the accounts - re activate / recover non Google services.
  4. Use the tools, supplied by Blogger / Google.

Do the research.
Spend some time extracting details, from your email archives - and from your friends email archives. Compile timelines, describing what Google services you used, and when.

Be prepared, for questions asked when you use the recovery tools.

Identify previously used browsers and computers.
If you most recently or predominately used Firefox on a Windows laptop, located at your home in Florida, USA, for publishing your blog or reading email, try to use that browser on that computer, from that location.

If you are visiting your friends in New York, USA, and use your laptop, plan to provide more proof that you are the rightful account owner. If you use their guest computer with Safari, provide still more proof.

If you are in a coffee shop in Nigeria or Ukraine, using the Konqueror browser on a computer running Linux and need to recover your account, be prepared to provide a lot more proof.

Prepare the accounts.
If your recovery is based on a non Google email address, make sure that address is active - and that you know what it is and can access the Inbox. When Google emails you a password reset token, you need to be able to receive the token.

Don't post in the forum.
I need to recover my account - but the non Google email address is dormant - and I don't know what it is! Why doesn't Google help me?
Help Google to help you. Have an active email address, ready and waiting.

Use the tools, supplied by Blogger / Google.
Use the tools.Blogger isn't just going to hand you control of your account and blogs (or my account and blogs), blindly. The people who use Blogger, confident that Blogger won't give an unknown (ie, you) control of their Blogger account, depend upon responsible verification procedure, by Blogger / Google.


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