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The Many Followers Features Have Their Own Counts

We see regular signs of confusion, about the various Followers communities, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
My blog still shows 0 Followers. I know this is not correct - because I am one, at a different email address, and so are friends and family.
This blog owner does not understand the differences between the communities, and following options.

Blogger provides several features, which let our blogs be followed, read, and subscribed.

  • Follow by email subscription.
  • Follow using Blogger Followers / Google Friend Connect.
  • Follow using Google+ Followers.
  • Follow using a newsfeed subscription / Reading List.

Given the necessary identities, anybody can Follow a blog, using any or all of the above choices. None of them are restricted.

This blog offers all four choices - as do many blogs. Some people will take advantage of one - others all four, and some in other combinations. All choices are valid, as individually useful.

Subscribe using email.

There are multiple ways to subscribe, by email, to the comments and to the posts, in this blog.

Looking in the sidebar, under "Subscribe to Me", you will find a link Subscribe to The Real Blogger Status by Email - which lets you use a FeedBurner Email Subscription. In the top right margin, you'll see an "envelope" icon - and this is a second "Follow by email" offering.

If you, the blog owner, want to monitor your email subscriber community, you can use the "Subscriber Management" wizard, in the FeedBurner dashboard.

Join my Blogger Followers / Google Friend Connect community.

If you like your picture being seen by thousands, you can join my (Blogger) Followers community, using the "Follow Me" sidebar gadget. Doing this, you will also gain a Reading List entry, and the newsfeed from my posts feed. And joining this community - and only this community - bumps the dashboard counter.

Who is Follower #5,266? Who is Follower #1?

Examine my Followers gadget, for both answers!

Join my Google+ Followers community.

If you have a Google+ account, you can join my Google+ Followers community, using the "+Follow Me" sidebar gadget. This will give you the opportunity to read my Google+ shares in your Google+ stream (as you like) - and again, you can have your picture seen by thousands (yeah four or five anyway).

If you, the blog owner, want to monitor your Google+ Followers community, you can do this from your Google+ dashboard.

Subscribe using a newsfeed.

If you have a newsfeed reader - Reading List or similar - you can read my posts newsfeed. If you use Reading List, and add this blog using the "Add" button, you may choose to follow publicly or anonymously.

If you choose to follow publicly, you again get the opportunity to be seen by thousands. If publicity is not your goal, you may follow anonymously - and not even I will be able to know your presence. If you follow this blog using a third party newsfeed reader, this will similarly produce an anonymous subscription.

Email and Newsfeed subscriptions have multiple options.

Not everybody knows this - but both email and newsfeed subscriptions give you a cornucopia of choices. Besides the blog posts feed, you can have a blog comments feed, a per post comments feed, and even a label driven posts feed. And using FeedBurner, you can make your own email feed, using any newsfeed.

Don't jump all over yourselves, subscribing - but you can, if you are interested, follow / subscribe this blog - and many others - in dozens of different ways - both in choice of content, and of medium.

Of Many Followers Features, Each Have Its Own Count

The Many Followers Features Have Their Own Counts


Winifred Ben said…
was helpful.

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