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Push The Limits, Add Content, See More Problems

Some blog owners keep coming back, requesting review, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
My blog has been deleted and restored, repeatedly. Last time, after Blogger unblocked my blog, I received this email
....Upon further review we have determined that your blog was mistakenly marked as a TOS violator by our automated system and, as such, we have reinstated your blog...
That was just last month. This month, the same thing, my blog is gone again.
This blog owner is failing to read the handwriting on the wall.

Unfortunately, to have any future, a blog requires continual new material.

With a blog that is borderline acceptable, it's only natural that some people will complain about its content.

Both old and new readers may object to new or previously published content.

As the readership for a blog increases, new readers may object to old material in the blog. And, as new material is added, both old and new readers may object.

Both old and new material, and old and new readers, will cause the status of the blog to cycle - from borderline acceptable, to abusive, and back to borderline acceptable. And the blog will require repeated review.

For a blog to be useful, new content - and new readers - must be added.

Unfortunately, if a blog is to continue, you have to add new material. More new material, again, produces more exposure to complaints.

And as a blog gains exposure to the world, you should expect to get new readers. New readers, again, produces more exposure to complaints.

Each time a blog is reviewed, the review process becomes more labourious.

And as a blog is repeatedly classified as abusive, and review is requested, Blogger Policy Review has to look at it more carefully - and that takes longer in each successive review cycle. They don't want to keep looking at the same material, over and over, like Sisyphus.

The repeated review cycle will not continue, forever. Eventually, one of five results will take place.

  • Blogger Policy Review will confirm the "marginally abusive" content as "not abusive". The blog will be restored, and remain online.
  • Blogger Policy Review will confirm the "marginally abusive" content as "abusive". The blog will remain deleted.
  • Blogger Policy Review will decline to continue to examine the blog, again. The blog will remain deleted.
  • Blogger Policy Review will tire of repeated reviews on that same blog. The Blogger account will be deleted.
  • The owner will tire of repeated abuse classifications, and will move the blog, to different hosting.

Either way, the blog owner will probably have to start over - in a new hosting service. And if the move is forced by Blogger declining to continue, the Blogger blog will remain deleted, and the content will be unavailable for transfer.


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