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The Stats "Don't track ..." Option Is Still Unreliable

The Stats "Don't track ..." option continues to draw complaints.

Various blog owners have recently complained, anew, that the previously reported low level problem is now affecting their blogs. The two problems, though having a common primary symptom, appear to have different victim populations.
  • The previous problem seemed to primarily affect custom domain published blogs, this problem may be BlogSpot only.
  • This problem, according to a majority of the blog owners reporting, appears to have started during the last two to three weeks.
It may be wise, therefore, to treat this as a new problem.

Whenever Blogger code is changed, we see reports of problems from some filter, that's part of some security product, located on various computers.

Sometimes, the security products, updated automatically, detect problems with Blogger code - without any changes having been made by Blogger. There are dozens of different security products - each provided by a different company, and each updating their filters separately from the others.

It's not a given, unfortunately, that Blogger will be able to make any one change, to make this symptom go away - immediately, permanently, or universally. The last "Don't track" problem appears to have been replaced by this problem.

It would be wise to at least acknowledge several previous posts, discussing this issue.
We have a new Problem Rollup topic, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, where we are requesting details from everybody who is experiencing this problem.
(Update 8/2): Blogger Engineering suggests that this problem has been fixed - and several blog owners state the same. That does not mean that we will completely never again see
I can't get Stats to ignore my pageviews!
There will always be folks whose computers filter cookies, inappropriately.


Madison said…
I am currently experiencing this problem. I've tried all the standard things...clear cache, try a different browser, etc. I found this post via the Blogger Help forum. What do you suggest I do? Thanks for the help!
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Madison,

Thanks for the question.

One of the challenges is that a cookie or script filter can be almost anywhere, on the computer or even the network.

I, personally, have seen home routers which have "tracking cookie" filters.

You have to be skilled in network / security support, to identify possible filter locations.

Add to that the continual paranoia about evil third party cookies, and diagnosing the Stats problem is not frequently a possibility.

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