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Comment Moderation Conversations, In GMail

If your blog does not get a lot of comments, you may be unused to receiving multiple comments, for the same post, in one day.

If you do one day get multiple comments, in the same day, for one post, you may not be prepared for the effect of Conversation email formatting, used by GMail. When an email message is received in your Inbox, on the same day as a previous email message with the same Subject line, GMail will display both email messages as one message, in a "Conversation".

This gives you two or more email messages - such as comment moderation (or notification) - displayed under the same GMail index entry. When you click on the index entry, you will see both comment moderation (notification) messages displayed, one after the other, in the "message".

The conversation display may lead some blog owners into expressing concern, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
Why do I see one person, intercepting un published comments, and displaying them in his un moderated comment?
Some blog owners may think that a series of comments are being read, and sent for publication, by a third party - whom they may or may not know.

Long ago, unmoderated Blogger comments could be read by enterprising spammers, and mined for email addresses, unwisely included by unwary blog readers. Blogger Engineers found out about this technique, and put an end to it, right promptly.

Unaware blog owners may think, when viewing comment moderation (notification) "conversations" in GMail, that spammers have found a new way to read un published comments. And by extension, spammers are again trying to mine their comment streams, for unwisely revealed email addresses.

Fortunately, this is not the case. You're just seeing two comments in the same day, for the same post, displayed together.

Once again, get back to work on the blog - so you get more readers, and more comments. And eventually you should get used to seeing comment moderation (notification) email messages, displayed in conversations.


Ane Mulligan said…
I’m not sure that’s the answer. I’ve used the email for years. My blog partner has used a gmail address for years. This never happened before. All comments were sent from Novel Rocket (the blog name) or Southern-fried fiction (another blog name) but never from this person. And suddenly ALL notification of comment is coming from Margery Warder with the address of "”

Is this merely a Blogger hiccup? I still have control of the blog, but I don’t have any admin with that name.
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Ane,

Thanks for the reply.

Only you know what's the case, with your GMail, this is just what I've observed in mine - and a couple other blog owners have reported. Reproducing the "problem" is not something I can do.

How many individual posts, in the "discussion" in your GMail?

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