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Observe The Spirit Of The Law, Not Just The Letter

We see too many problem reports, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, about inconsistent content penalties.
My blog was deleted - then I got a letter of apology from Blogger. But my blog was deleted, again!
My blog does not contain copied content, why was it deleted?
These blog owners, and others, are complying with the letter of the law - as they see important.

Unfortunately, other blog and website owners have rights too - and Blogger will also enforce their rights - now, and in the future. To have a righteous blog, you have to remain innocent of all possible TOS violation categories.

The actual authoritative documents, to identify TOS Violations, are Blogger Content Policy, and Google Terms of Service.

If both you, and the owners of the blogs and websites that you offend, simply comply with the letter of the law, you, and your blogs, will still be vulnerable. If you repeatedly push the limits, your Blogger account and blogs will be vulnerable, as a repeat offender.

The DMCA Claim process includes a "false accusation" penalty.
Please note that you will be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys' fees) if you materially misrepresent that a product or activity is infringing your copyrights.
TOS Violation, in general, provides no similar protection - and if you offend somebody (even while staying within the letter of the law), the other party may report you.

The closer you approach the limits, the more carefully your blog must be judged - and the longer your blog will be down, while being judged. If "time" == "money" for you, the longer the blog remains offline, the more money you lose.

The FAQ, What Types Of Blog Content Are Considered Abusive, By Blogger Spam Mitigation Policy?, provides examples of known TOS Violation problems. It's not all inclusive - or final.

Very few blogs will be guilty of all of the examples, described in the FAQ - or even all possible complementary examples. If you have a large blog, with nothing but syndicated content, please don't claim innocence, of one unrelated category.
I never publish porn!
And if your blog contains monetised porn, don't claim
My content is all my own! I never steal content, from other blogs!!
Also, if your problem is with copied content, please don't just delete, when sent a DMCA notice - and please, don't repeat! Either mistake will, eventually, leave you with a deleted Blogger account.

And don't be offended if you don't get advance warning, properly delivered to your email Inbox, in time for you to conveniently remove your abusive content.

Remember, even if you are judged innocent, eventually, you may have to deal with the penalties. And similar blogs, confirmed as legitimately abusive, will subject your blog to confirmation.


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