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Solutions, To The Spam Problem, Start With You

This year, we are finally seeing the beginning of the end, of one problem, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.

Spam reports - both righteous and spurious - are steadily slowing down. They are not at zero level yet, but there is a distinct decrease.

Now, we are seeing questions from people who actually can do something, about their personal contributions, to the problem - borderline spam blogs, with blog owners possibly able and willing to clean up their act.
I look in Google Search, for my blog, but it's not listed. Please help me, what is the problem - how can I get my blog listed?
This blog owner has the right attitude - if not the right training.

Some of the latest problems, like this, are simply blogs that lack original content, published by people who simply listen to the wrong advice.

One popular blog subject, with some borderline spam blogs, is wallpaper - libraries of identical photos, shared between dozens of blogs - and offered for download to various readers, for display on their personal computers.

Some blogs are nothing but pictures. There is no indexable, unique content - but there are ads.

These would be blog publishers have to understand about duplicate content - and about attracting readers and search reputation.

Somebody out there is telling people that they can "make lotz ov muny", by throwing together a blog, scraping articles and pictures, from all over the Internet onto the blog, and adding ads. Then you get paid for the ads.

You are simply a pawn in the game - and like most pawns, you are expendable. The "king" or master spammer sits back in his castle, and rakes in the bucks - while you do the work.

If you want to develop a blog, you need to write about what you know.

That's where you start. What you write about has to be unique - not the same as dozens of other blogs, offering "free wallpaper to download". What you write about may not make big bucks - but that's where you must start.


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