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How To Logout From Your Blogger Account

Occasionally, we see confusion in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue?, about a rather obvious process.
How do I logout?
The blog owner, here, is not being completely facetious, or obtuse.

Many applications, on the web and in other scenarios, have a "Logout Complete" display - maybe with a link, to login, again.
You have now logged out of XXXXXXX. Thank you for visiting!

>> Login
And "Login" would be clickable, and would take you back to the Login screen.

Google, on the other hand, takes you, immediately, to the Google "One account" display, after you click on "Sign Out".

They show an empty "Password" box, and a button to "Sign in" - and that is supposed to indicate that the Blogger / Google account is now loggedout (logged out? signed out? signedout?).

In other cases, the Google "One account" display may not be shown - and the account owner may remain logged in. This may involve aggressive cookies / script filters - or possibly malfunctioning Google code.

Some people may not notice the "Sign in" button, when the display is shown - and think that they are still signed in. Others may not notice the link
Sign in with a different account
- and this may cause more confusion. And a few may have my concerns, about what they are doing - whether I should logout, log out, signout, or sign out. And in 2011, Blogger infrastructure problems prevented successful logout for some account owners.

I'll observe here, that the Navbar (when present) contains a link captioned "Sign Out", which links to
With interesting prefixes and suffixes. There we see Blogger using "logout" and "sign out", in the same process. I try to use "login" / "logout", consistently.

All of this is more details, which Blogger / Google never manages to concern themselves with, when they design their glittery displays and wizards. And all of this may cause some confusion, with blog owners who are just learning to turn their computers on.

So considering all of these concerns together, it may be possible for some blog owners - particularly this with multiple Blogger accounts, unintentionally setup - to have a normal reason for confusion.
How do I logout from my Blogger?
or maybe
I can only use my new account, the old account is gone!
They're not being completely obtuse.

In some cases, having overlooked the Blogger "blind login" policy, the simplest solution may be to just logout then login, again. Alternately, clear cache, cookies, and sessions (yes, all 3) - then restart the browser, and try again.


H Adany Mao said…
You blog doesn't answer the the very question. I have an account one account, just one account. There is no place which says sign out or log out. So I can't log out. I simply close it and next time I open Blogger it automatically logs me in!Wah....
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Adany,

Thanks for the comment.

If you have one account, that's the only account that will display in the login menu. You'll see that one choice, whether you are logged in, or out.

You'll only know that you are logged in by looking at the navbar, where you will see two indications.
1, Your account name (email address) will display.
2. You will have a link to "Sign Out".
If you don't have either, you may not be logged in.
Koushor Ahmed said…
I can not log out from my blog. After clicking in the Sign out then again the same page come. Many times tried but not effective. Please help me out
Same deal as Kousher Ahmed. I hit logout on my Blogger homepage, then do a Google-search for Blogger, which takes me to its homepage... and voila, I am still logged in! This is a problem for me, as I'd like to start a blog from one of my different email addresses (so that I have a separate alias). Because I can't log out of Blogger, I also can't switch accounts.

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