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Deletion Is Not Alternative, If You Cannot Authenticate

Some supposed blog owners, unable to login to their Blogger accounts because they forgot the Blogger account name or password (or never bothered to remember either), try to compromise.

They figure that, if they can't regain access to the blog, then Blogger will be willing to simply delete the blog - and everybody will be happy. They appear to have overlooked the repeatedly stated policy, which promises us that our blogs will be ours, as long as we wish to own them.

The problem is, blog deletions are as sensitive to illegal action as account recovery - and illegal actions are a very real threat to our blogs.

Blogger exercises due diligence, in requiring proper authentication for Blogger account recovery.

Blogger can't delete a blog, any more freely than give control of a blog.

Any requested deletion, of any supposedly owned blog, must be no less controlled.

Blogger promises us
Blogger accounts and Blog*Spot addresses do not expire.
This means that our blogs will not be deleted, or transferred to the control of another person, without careful validation of the person requesting the deletion or transfer. If the other person cannot prove rightful ownership of the blog in question, Blogger is not legally entitled to delete the blog, any more than they are entitled to transfer control of the blog.

We are permitted to own and publish our blogs, without any minimal required activity, and without any required proof of our real life identity. We are entitled to publish our blogs when we see fit - and are entitled to come back to our blogs after any length of time - if we are able to authenticate ourselves.

Blogger lets us publish, at any rate we prefer.

Blogger will not harass us when we are inactive, whether or not anybody else offers to publish to our URL with more vigour. Neither will they give anybody else control of our blogs, either to publish - or to delete. Similarly, they won't give me - or you - access to somebody else's blog, or harass somebody else.

If you find yourself unable to access your blog, and delete it on your own, try using the improved Google account recovery wizard, before asking that Blogger delete your blog for you.

In limited cases, the Google tool Removing Content From Google may be useful. Finally, concentrate on making your blog or website more useful, and organically improving your reputation.


-M.W.B.- said…
I'm trying the recovery. Yes, it is true I have forgotten all the things needed to use this blog cause I haven't use it in 8 years! I made one post and thought I had deleted it so I deactivated the email address that was associated with it. Fun times trying to get this thing deleted...

Although I understand why Google makes it hard and appreciate it on some points...but it is still quite a hassle when you happen to be one of those people who made one from so long ago and then get called out for not "remembering your password or account name" Well, excuse me, I haven't used it in 8 YEARS! Why would I? :P
Jerry said…
A related question. I proposed a blog name, but it's already taken. Okay, life's like that. But then I looked at it. It was created in 2006 with no posts, no nothing. The owners name is the name of the blog. The profile is blank. This isn't a blog. It's squatting on a name. Is there any way to get an old name released if NOTHING has been done with it other than to grab the name...7 years ago?!


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