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When You Search For Important Email, Search Carefully

Many Blogger / Google procedures involve email communications, with you needing to read - and respond to - email from Blogger / Google.

Some email systems automatically sort incoming email, and put important (and not so important) email into different folders. Many times, email from Blogger / Google may be sorted into a folder where you would not always normally look - or may be sent to an email address that you might not think of, immediately.

It's to your personal advantage, to find any email that is being sent to you - even stuff in Bulk / Spam.

One of the best known folders, besides Inbox, where email may be found would be "Bulk" / "Spam".

"False Positive" filter effects are unavoidable.

All email systems may occasionally put important email into either "Bulk" or "Spam". Any time when you are awaiting important email from Blogger / Google, such as when you are trying to recover access to your blog, or when you make (or maybe, need to make) an important purchase, always look in both the "Inbox" and "Bulk" / "Spam" folders.

If your email system provides an "Incoming" mail log, it's never a bad idea to scan the log, periodically.

Consider all possible email accounts that you might own.

Besides checking the multiple sections of any one email account, you should also consider the complex interactions between Blogger accounts, email clients, and Google accounts, and examine any possible email addresses - both GMail and non GMail addresses - current and past, with similar persistence.

Consider all individual email accounts, that may be combined automatically.

If you use GMail, or any email delivery service which provides ability to manage and use multiple email accounts from a single email desktop, you should check settings in every such email system, for multiple account setup.

Your Blogger account needs to be based on an active email account (GMail, or non GMail). If you are intentionally obscuring your Blogger account, you're going to have a problem here. There are various reasons why you may not see every key email message, in your Inbox, at first glance.

Diligent searching may reduce time spent in online forums.

Searching for incoming email, carefully, may reduce the amount of time you spend in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, asking for help retrieving your account name or email address from Blogger records, or asking why your non BlogSpot URL now redirects your readers to a page full of advertisements.

Prevent disappointment and future regret - check your "Bulk" / "Spam" folders, for all possible email accounts and clients which you use, periodically. And consider possible spoof filtering effects.


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