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The Problem, With Publishing Our Blog Posts To FaceBook, Does Not Apparently Have A Simple Cause

The problem of publishing our blog posts to FaceBook, initially observed several days ago, has generated some controversy - and much confusion, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken. Suggestions about its base cause are numerous - and variant.
  • Initially and at first glance, it appeared to involved posts containing lots of pictures.
  • Some folks have suggested that it involves use of the New GUI Post Editor.
  • Other folks insist that it's the result of a FaceBook decision, that may have targeted Blogger as a spam host.
  • Still others insist that it results from use of the Share button in the blog, vs the "Update Status" wizard in FaceBook itself.
  • One blog owner gave a very interesting explanation involving FaceBook, and Open Graph.

The problem has been reported to Blogger Support - though no response, to my report, has yet been seen. My asking, a few times, whether anybody has successfully reported the problem to FaceBook Support, has either been ignored or vigourously rejected, by all involved in the arguments.

The one sure thing, that I've observed so far about this problem, is that there is not apparently one sure thing causing this problem. I've done several tests, and published a few posts into my FaceBook Wall, successfully - using both the Share button, and "Update Status". Perversely, I was able to reproduce the problem reported by one blog owner.

My immediately previous post - Choose Your Registrar, When Buying A Domain - was composed using the New GUI Post Editor, contains pictures, and was published to my Wall using "Share to Facebook", with no problem. I just published this post, using The New Blogger GUI Post Editor and "Update Status", onto my Wall. If you examine my Wall, you'll see earlier posts, composed using the Classic GUI Post Editor, also.

I will continue to keep my rollup discussion open, for reporting diagnostic details - and respectfully request that only diagnostic details be posted there. Until either Blogger Support and / or FaceBook Support take ownership of the problem, and promise a resolution, no objectively provided diagnostic detail is unnecessary. Your observations, whenever provided, could provide the final, necessary clues, and lead to the diagnosis of the problem.

If anybody would like to discuss my diagnostic efforts to date - and especially if there are any FaceBook Support personnel reading this, I have a second discussion in progress, with one helpful blog owner.

Please, be objective. Observe both the etiology of Blogger problems, and the epidemiology of forum discussions.

(Update 2012/01/94): It appears that most people are now able to post to FaceBook. Some people are now reporting a new annoyance
You are attempting to post a link that has been marked as abusive and/or spammy.

(Update 2012/01/02): Blogger Support was aware of the problem last week, tried to contact FaceBook then, and has heard nothing in return. Their analysis of the problem, made last week, is that the problem is outside their control.

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kenju said…
I have discovered that I can publish my blog in my comments on FB.
I am having this very issue! I have reported it to facebook and have had no response whatsoever :( I also reported it to blogger... nothing there either. Help!
Chris said…
I made repeated attempts to publish a blog post by pasting the URL into the status box, which is what I normally do. The link and an image from the post show up (but no text), but when I click "Post" nothing happens, except that after a few seconds the Post button goes dark again as if I needed to click it. Eventually I gave up, uploaded the image as a photo and put the URL as a caption. The NetworkedBlogs app also seems to be unable to ppost new content. I chalk it up to typical FB BS.
I have reported the issue to FaceBook as well when I discovered I encounted the same issue simply trying to write an update to my wall and including a link to my blog post.
Sue Kerr said…
I just copied the url of my new blog post into my status update field in Facebook, and the share interface (the one that is broken on Blogger) appeared, with the linked url, blog name and thumbnail. I think that's what Judy was referring to.
Dolores said…
I'm also having this problem -- in my case with both recent posts on my blog and with both the "share on facebook" bookmark/button and with updating my status. I can share OTHER blogger-based stories, just not my own. Odd.
I tried posting a photo-less post and one with many photos and no luck. Any suggestions on what can be done to move either Blogger or FB to resolve?
Mary said…
Blogger users may not be alone: there's an interesting post in WebApps Stack Exchange today:

"I can't post links to my WordPress site on my Facebook business page. The URL does not contain any unusual or sensitive worlds
( When I try to post the link, there is no option for adding a thumbnail image and when submitted I get the "oops, something went wrong" message. I've seen this error reported elsewhere but have never seen a solution. Is it a Facebook problem or do I need to add some code to my site to allow Facebook to post the link?"

for which a suggested answer is

"both the og:image and og:description meta properties in the Wordpress-generated HTML on your website are blank"

Now we don't have 3rd party plug-ins to worry about - but I wonder whether OG properties could be the issue here in some subtle way.

Just a thought.
Publishing to Facebook from Blogger began to work again.
I'm just now started experiencing this issue. I wasn't before, but one thing that's interesting is that facebook removed ALL my previous posts on my blog's FB page from my blogs URL.

Super annoying. I think it's a prolific bug. It wasn't affecting me until NOW. So it seems to be sweeping through, rather than all of sudden.
D.B. Echo said…
I just started having a problem posting links to my blog posts on Facebook. If I try to do this on the Main page through Update Status, Facebook will hang. If I then copy the text and link I tried to post and try to move on to my "Wall", Facebook will inform me that I haven't finished updating my status. When I try to post it to my Wall using Update Status, it posts immediately - for now.

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