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What Is The Mysterious 90 Day Period, After Blog Deletion?

We see periodic evidence of confusion, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, about deletion of our blogs.
I deleted my blog last year - can I get it back?
I deleted my blog last month - when will I be able to use it with my new Blogger account?
I deleted my blog, but it's still visible, on the Internet!
Not everybody is fully able to understand the "90 day" deletion policy.

Confusion about blog deletion, blog recovery, URL availability, and ongoing visibility have been a problem for many years.

The uncertainty started in 2011, when Blogger gave us the ability to restore our deleted blogs. That year, Blogger gave us the "90 day" provision.

From what we know, the "90 day" provision simply says that blogs deleted over 90 days ago, by the owner, cannot be un deleted. Blogger has yet to advise us, definitively, that a blog (URL), deleted over 90 days ago, would produce any secondary result.
  • The URL won't be available, for use by you (under another Blogger account) - or by someone else.
  • Any removal from search engine cache will happen only if you plan the deletion, before hitting "Delete blog".
  • The blog will simply be un recoverable, by us, since Blogger does not archive deleted blogs for un deletion by us, over 90 days.
Further uncertainties:
  • If the URL becomes available, it will be equally available to you, and to everybody else, at the same time.
  • If you did not delete the blog, you may not know exactly when the 90 days clock started.
  • We are not, with 100% certainty, able to predict that all blogs become available, even after the 90 days.
So don't tell your friends of the date when you will have the blog, re published under the URL - if you are depending upon deletion to make the URL available.

The 90 day period may apply only to blogs deleted by the owner. A blog deleted / locked for suspected spam hosting, by Blogger, may remain in that status indefinitely, until reviewed.

When reviewed as a suspected spam host, a blog will be either removed permanently (for righteous spam deletions), or restored (for spurious spam deletions), at the decision of Blogger Support. In neither case will this, reliably, make the URL available to the public.

Whether the blog is visible on our dashboards (or not), and recoverable by us (or not), unless we make preparation for updating services outside Blogger - for instance, Google Webmaster Tools - a deleted blog will be visible in search engine cache, for a long time.


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