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Publishing Your Blogger Blog Post To FaceBook Fails, With Open Refusal By FaceBook

Late last year, Blogger blog owners seeking to publicise their blog posts using their FaceBook Wall, were denied that possibility, silently. That problem was recently resolved, though still in silence.

Recently, Blogger blog owners started reporting a new symptom of problems with FaceBook.
I try to share my blog address on FaceBook, and I receive this message
The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:
Now what do I do?
This symptom is most likely a problem which the individual blog owners will need to discuss, with FaceBook Support.

Each Internet service has the right, and the responsibility, to block and interfere with spammy or unsafe content, on its service - to protect the legitimate users of its service.

Blogger has been blocking and interfering with spammy and unsafe content for several years - not always well received, but they are doing their best. FaceBook has the same right, and the same responsibility.

This problem appears to involve blog posts that contain pictures hosted on "". I'll note that I posted, yesterday, a FaceBook Wall post referencing a Blogger blog post which contains a picture hosted on "", with no problem. You can find my test post on my Wall - but you'll have to hunt for it on my FaceBook Wall, since I have not yet learned the technique to extracting and sharing, FaceBook Wall posts, outside FaceBook.

If you, a Blogger blog owner, believe that this is an unjust decision, you need to complain to FaceBook Support. FaceBook Support issues, like Blogger Support issues, are best solved with collaboration. You, and millions of other Blogger blog owners, seeking to publicise your blogs on your FaceBook Wall, can change this recent decision by FaceBook - if and only if everybody affected complains.

But you must complain to FaceBook Support. Not Blogger Support.

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Claude Scales said…
I have pointed out the problem to Facebook Support; so far, no response. I also reported it to Blogger because what's triggering FB's refusal of my posts is a bit of innocuous HTML code that appears when I upload a photo from my files to Blogger. Apparently, this string of code -- 2.bp.blogger -- is part of the URL of a blog hosted on blogger that is "unsafe or spammy." I tried going to that URL, and got a message that it was an unsafe site. It seems to me that Blogger could solve the problem by taking down that blog and making the URL unavailable for further use, then notifying Facebook.
philowitz said…
I've been able to post links to my blog (on blogger) to my facebook page without problems. But I do it by cutting and pasting the link onto the page.
Terri said…
Facebook says deal with Blogger.
Blogger says deal with Facebook.
Would someone just tell me WHAT needs to be removed from my blog so it can be unblocked?
Chris said…
I use TwitterFeed to post my blog to Facebook. It works and it isn't blocked!
Katney said…
I use the share button and have had no problem.
Nitecruzr said…
"" is one of the Picasa host servers, which serves millions of photos that are used in our Blogger blogs. If FaceBook considers one of the photos hosted by Picasa to be dodgy, they have to filter that one photo - not block the entire server.

If "" is a problem by FaceBook standards, tomorrow somebody may upload a similar photo to "" - and any Blogger blog posts that use "" will likewise be a problem.

FaceBook has to make their filtering more granular. This will only happen, if everybody who uses FaceBook instructs them to improve their filters.

Sorry, this is not a Blogger problem.
idrew said…
I have the problem too and I guess it's down to which server your image gets uploaded to so folks whose pictures get assigned to will be fine for now

Surely Facebook will resolve this soon
Anna N. said…
I can understand that this is a Facebook problem which can be solved. I faced the same problem; although up to now I could publish my blog, now I receive refusal. Let's see.

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