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You Are An Adult - Let Blogger Treat You As An Adult

Many Blogger blog owners overlook the details, in the legal requirements for blog ownership and maintenance.

Confusion in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken is seen periodically.
I faked my birthdate when I setup my first blog - and Blogger just cancelled my blog!
My 10 year old child created a blog, which is full of happy memories - and the blog was just deleted!!
Blogger will not tell me the email address, so I can login to my blog!!!
None of these people understand that Blogger is not being capricious or petty, in denying them their rights to access / own / maintain their blog.

Ownership of Blogger (and other brands) blogs has become a simple and automatic extension of one's daily life, for many people.

Children may expose themselves to real life dangers.

Like creation of a "Social Security Account" (in the USA), some people routinely create a blog, without fully reasoning out why doing so may not be in their best interest. How many parents would intentionally let their child walk to school, wearing a t-shirt that says "My name is xxxxx", or "I live at (my home address)!".

Most modern day parents know that child molesters, kidnappers, and other predators, hanging out near the school as the kids get out, will walk up to some child, innocently wearing such a t-shirt, greet the child by name - and convince him / her to accept a ride home, because the parent is "waiting anxiously for child to get home because of an emergency".

You just do not do this.

Children may expose themselves to Internet based dangers.

Oddly enough, however, some parents allow (maybe, encourage) their underage children to create a blog, containing numerous personal details, maybe even showing pictures and names of their friends. Then, when a Blogger account or blog, misused in this way, is deleted by Blogger, the complaint will be
How can Blogger do this to my child? He setup that blog, and really enjoyed what he was doing!
not accepting the fact that Blogger is trying to protect their child (and his friends).

You just do not do this, either.

Blogger protects young people, who have not yet developed good judgement skills.

Pre teen children are legally the responsibility of their parents, for good reasons. Pre teens are still learning the judgement skills necessary for many privileges - and one privilege is blog ownership.

Blogger blog owners must be at least 13 years of age. Blog owners under 13 years of age may manage blogs legally owned by their parents - and hopefully, controlled by their parents, to some degree.

Adults, too, may expose themselves - or their Blogger accounts, without thinking.

As adults, we too may publish online content, that may be used to attack us. Yet when Blogger tries to protect us from our innocent mistakes, the response, from some blog owners, is angry accusation, implying that Blogger is maliciously denying access to our blogs.

Very few accusers consider the need that we must accept basic responsibilities, when we publish a Blogger blog.

Protect yourself - and help other people to protect themselves.

Folks, not everybody who greets you by name is your friend - and not everybody who prevents you from doing something is your enemy. The world is full of people who do not have your best interests in mind.

I know that you know this - so act as if you understand what this means. Please.


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