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Automatic Sharing Of Blogger Posts, To Google+

Today, we see, in Blogger Buzz: Connect to Google+, a long awaited announcement, from Blogger.
Starting today, if you have linked your blog to your Google+ account you will be presented with a prefilled Google+ share box immediately after publishing a post. The share box will contain a +snippet of your post that you can share with your circles on Google+.

So, this is my test of the new feature.

This was first a live test, using my main Blogger account. I spent the better part of one hour migrating my Blogger account to use my Google+ profile. Having done that, I now compose my first Blogger blog post, while using my Google+ profile - and now, I will see how well Blogger and Google+ are integrated.

From looking closely at the picture in the Buzz post, it looks like the promised popup window, "Share on Google+", is a feature that's built into The New GUI. Since I remain underwhelmed by the New GUI, this Blogger account remains under the Classic GUI. And, having hit "Publish Post", I saw no new "Share on Google+" popup window.

To use the Blogger to Google+ Automatic Sharing, you must do three things.
  1. From your Classic GUI Dashboard, or Settings wizard, select "Try the updated Blogger interface".
  2. From the gear icon, select "Connect to Google+".
  3. In Settings - Posts and comments, set "Share to Google+" to "Yes".

Fortunately, it's possible to use the Share option in the Posts list, for the post in question, and share this post from another Blogger account that is in my main Google+ account's circles. Using the "Extended Circles" target, from my test Blogger account, got the job done. Looking in my Stream, I see the new post snippet, shared as promised.

You'll note that "Share to Google+" will, by default, share to the main Google+ profile name. If you have created Google+ Pages (alternate identities) attached to your Google+ Profile, you can share to a Google+ Page.

This process is not truly automatic. If completely automatic, there should be some mapping of a Label in the post, to select one or more pre chosen Circles. When this post was published, FeedBurner redirected this post, from the posts feed, to my Twitter account. Surely, Google+ could provide the same possibility.

But, what we have today is an excellent start.

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Aloha from Waikiki

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I tried to move my profile yesterday from Blogger to Google plus and it was a disaster as I lost access to my blogs, they have reverted me back to Blogger Profile, scared to try again not being technical :(

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