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Switching Back To The Classic Blogger GUI, And "400 Bad Request"

Those Blogger blog owners who continue to use an older browser, and who have decided to check out the New Blogger GUI (2011), may be familiar with the ominous advice
Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.

If you are having problems, try Google Chrome.
Some of you have opted to check out the New GUI, even when faced with the warning - and have been faced with a cold reality.
I mistakenly clicked on the "Try the updated Blogger interface" link and now I just have a blank screen because my computer is outdated.

Having seen a steady flood of the latter complaint, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, Blogger recently released a non GUI Recovery process.

The latter URL, and its mirror image
can be used by anybody, as a non GUI procedure to move back and forth between the Classic and New Blogger GUIs. Unfortunately, not everybody can do this.

Now, some of the people who previously reported the latter problem.
I mistakenly clicked on the "Try the updated Blogger interface" link and now I just have a blank screen because my computer is outdated.
are reporting a new problem.
The webpage cannot be found HTTP 400 Bad Request
when they try to use the above non GUI solution.

The "400 Bad Request" error has been with us for a while - and it comes and goes. I, personally, saw this symptom - once - when I was using the non GUI Recovery URL. In my observation, it was transient - I simply hit F5 to Refresh, and my Blogger login display popped back up. And having then logged in again to Blogger, I found myself back on the Classic Blogger dashboard.

Not everybody is so fortunate, however. Some blog owners report seeing the "400 Bad Request" display repeatedly, when trying to recover from having opted for the New Blogger GUI. It's possible that the old nostrum
Clear cache, cookies, and sessions, then restart the browser.
may provide relief from the latter problem.

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G said…
I was getting that error message early on, even though I have IE8 for a browser.

Fortunately someone in the forum was kind enough to suggest that if I took Blogger and Gmail off of compability view, it would cure the problem and sure enough, once I did that, the error messages vanished and haven't returned since.

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