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Blogger Blogs Redirecting To "" / ""

In spite of my recently published caution against gratuitous additions of third party blog accessories, we're seeing a small yet steady stream of reports about mysterious blog hijackings, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
When I view my blog, it shows up for a few seconds - and then forwards to this weird website, that I've never heard of.
Not everybody is aware of the dangers of adding non Google developed code, to their blogs.

Unlike the blog hijacks from the past couple years, the "pagesinxt" / "ripway" hijacks being reported have no consistent diagnosis.
  • We have not yet observed a consistent host feature, such as "falling snow" (from 2010).
  • Some hijacking code, when found, is part of the template HTML.
  • Other hijacks are apparently being installed as HTML / JavaScript gadgets.

To find this latest hijack, you'll need to start by viewing the blog in question, using a text only browser, or proxy service. I, personally, use several products.All of these products may be more or less useful in identifying the source of your specific hijack.

The approach here is multi-phasic.
  1. Of course, backup the template, before starting.
  2. Load the blog, in question, in the browser of your choice.
  3. Do a simple text search for "pagesinxt" and for "ripway".
  4. You'll see several different possibilities.
    • The search may reveal the hijacking code in an HTML gadget. You can use the "Pages Elements" / Design tab (Classic GUI), or the "Layout" wizard (New GUI), and remove the offending gadget.
    • The search may reveal the hijacking code in the template HTML. You'll have to use the Template Editor, and remove the offending lines of code.
    • The search may not find either "pagesinxt" or "ripway". You'll have to do an extensive text search, for unknown HTML / JavaScript gadgets, and evaluate each gadget, on the fly.
  5. You may need to bypass the Blogger menu structure, to directly access the Blogger wizard needed, if trying to use the Blogger menus is also a problem.
  6. Clear browser cache, before checking for success.
  7. And always backup the template, again, after completing this task.

If you want more detailed help for identifying or removing your personal hijack, please start a new discussion, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, state the URL of your blog, and state what URL the blog is redirecting.

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gtluke said…
ugh, this is happening to me with wordpress. Crazy...
Muhammad Rifqi said…
I can't find "pagesinxt" or "ripway" in my HTML code...what should I do? and I am trying to access and serach for "" but what should I do next?..thanks for your reply..
K J SHENOY said…
I had installed 'Falling Snow' gadget to my blog

And once I removed the same, redirecting to ripway dot com stopped instantly!!!

Thanks for this post.

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