Friday, July 06, 2012

Blog Control And URL Availability Hacking

Occasionally, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, we see various queries about our blogs, and how to gain or regain control.
  • How do I get a blog, which is attacking me (impersonating me, insulting me, publishing my secrets), removed from Blogger?
  • How do I claim a dormant URL?
  • How do I recover control of my blog?
  • My blog is now under somebody else's control! How do I get my blog back?
In some cases, all of these queries are simply one more attempt to gain control of a blog, or a URL. As we gain experience in reading between the lines in Blogger Help Forum, and as Blogger Support gains experience in researching blog histories, we can start to see patterns, and signs of multiple attempts to assume control of the blog - or the URL - in question.

Many blog or URL hacking attempts start quite innocently.

Two of the more common tales are quite naive, and apparently separate.
Some people, denied recovery of the blog, because they can't prove ownership, will try another tactic.
I'll tell them that the blog was stolen from me. Surely if they think the blog was hacked, I can get it back, since I used to be the owner!
People trying to gain control of a dormant blog will likewise use their imagination.
If I get the blog deleted as spam, I can grab the URL. Surely a Dormant blog is just another type of Spam, in Blogger!
Unfortunately, these techniques have been used, already - and have resulted in still other tales of anguish.

It requires the wisdom of Solomon - and the patient persistence of Gil Grissom - to sort through the problems reports. Claims
I just graduated from college, and I can't use my email address to recover the password!
I just woke up from a 7 year coma, to find my family blog under control of a hacker!
and let us not overlook
My friend just died. Can I please have control of the blog, so I can put a notice to all of his friends, on the blog?
I never updated my Blogger only account to a Blogger / Google account - and I never got any email, warning me of the impending change!
All of these tales have enormous human interest - and seem to justify mercy for the plaintive requests.

Unfortunately, these stories - and others like them - are not always what they seem. What we sometimes see are the other side of the story.
  • Attempts to steal control of an active blog.
  • Attempts to gain control of the URL which would be perfect for their new blog, if only the URL was available.
  • Attempts to probe and reveal the identity of a blog owner, who is guaranteed anonymous blog ownership, by Blogger policy.

So, if you beg and plead for attention
None of these tools help me, in the least. Can I please speak to a live human, so I can explain my special need?
Please, do not be surprised to be directed to read about why Blogger Help is the only contact, and why you absolutely must prove ownership of the blog, before being given control. And even the ultimate insult, you must provide a copy of the death certificate plus get a court order, as you grieve for the loss of your friend or loved one.

The bottom line here is that, if you intend to publish a Blogger blog, it is your responsibility - and only your responsibility - to maintain control of your blog.

You are an adult (or are presumed to be one) - and you have responsibilities, as an adult. Even if your friends account is hacked, then used to attack yours, please don't expect unconditional assistance from Blogger / Google.

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nicole mahramus said...

Comedy control at your service.

Chuck Croll said...


An afternoon of sifting though BHF "I can't login to my blog!" problem reports is as much fun as watching an afternoon marathon of "House, MD" (and the "House" marathons are only found on the "value added" channels, which are 75% commercials, instead of the normal 60% commercials).

All this fun, for free. Hold me back! %-}

nicole mahramus said...

Forum fun and the returns in laughter. Thanks