Sunday, December 25, 2011

Getting Traffic To Your Blog Involves Getting The Blog Properly Indexed

We continue to see evidence of frustration about getting a blog indexed, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
I can find the blog using the URL - but my visitor log shows nobody is reading the blog!
My blog was #1 for my title, in Google, 3 months ago! Last month, it dropped out of sight!! Why does Google let people hack their results???
People who report these problems do not understand that getting traffic to the blog involves more than simply getting the blog indexed, using the Author, Title, or URL of the blog.

Getting your blog indexed, so you get useful traffic from the search engines, requires effort.
  1. You have to get the blog indexed.
  2. You have to get the blog indexed, in searches which people actually use, when searching for blogs to read.
  3. You have to get the blog indexed, with good position, in searches which people actually use, when searching for blogs to read.
  4. You have to repeat #3, constantly - because you are competing with everybody else who wants their blog indexed, with good position.

Getting the blog indexed, so you can find the blog by searching for the title or URL, gets the blog indexed by the title or the URL. Use Google Webmaster Tools, and look at the "Search queries" list on the dashboard. How many Impressions do you see, which reference the blog by the Title or the URL? How many Impressions are from people, other than you, checking to see if the blog is indexed?

If you want new viewers, you need to get the blog indexed, appearing in a search engine results page (*SERP") that people (besides you) are using - and appearing in a good position on that page.

To benefit from any search used by a potential viewer, your blog needs to appear at the top of the search list.
  • Any position on SERP Page 1 is better than any position on SERP Page 2.
  • SERP Page 1 Position 1 is better than Page 1 Position 2.

Look at the observations, discussing SERP Page One, from Click Distribution & Percentages by SERP Rank. Which positions, on Page One, get more clicks - and more traffic to your blog?
Position #1: 45.46% of all clicks
Position #2: 15.69% of all clicks
Position #3: 10.09% of all clicks
Position #4: 5.49% of all clicks
Position #5: 5.00% of all clicks
Position #6: 3.94% of all clicks
Position #7: 2.51% of all clicks
Position #8: 2.94% of all clicks
Position #9: 1.97% of all clicks
Position #10: 2.71% of all clicks
Total: 95.91% of all clicks occur on SERP Page One
Your blog, linked from SERP Page One Position One, stands an equal chance of getting a new viewer, than appearing in All Other Positions, combined. And only 1 in 20 viewers will even look beyond SERP Page One.

Every different search, from people looking for blogs to read, will produce a different list of blogs.

No matter what the subject - or search terms - there can be only one blog, linked from Page One Position One.
  • The more potential readers, searching using a given subject or search term, the more readers you have a chance to get.
  • The more potential readers, searching using a given subject or search term, the more other people will publish their own blogs to that subject.
  • No matter how much hard work you may do with your blog, you are not guaranteed Page 1 Position 1, in any given SERP.
Would you prefer being a small frog, in a large pond - or a large frog, in a small pond? A pond without other frogs - or even with lots of larger frogs - can be a lonely place. Try to find a pond which interests you - not one which other people tell you should interest you.

Finally, if you want new viewers who will return, and who will send you other new viewers, you'll need informative, interesting, and unique content, that is regularly added - and properly targets your potential readers.

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