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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Is A Custom Domain URL More Valuable Than A BlogSpot URL?

We see the question, about relative value of a custom domain, periodically in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?.
Does a custom URL actually have value, over a normal BlogSpot URL?
Some people wonder if a custom URL isn't similar to a custom ("vanity") license plate, for your car.

Personally, I can think of 3 reasons why a custom domain might be more valuable, for your Blogger blog.
  • Some people believe that having your own domain makes your blog more individual and interesting - and they may be more likely to visit your blog when presented to them, in a search list.
  • Since domains are not free, there are less dormant domains than dormant BlogSpot subdomains. It may be easier for you to get the relevant domain of your choice, than the relevant BlogSpot subdomain.
  • A properly chosen domain URL may be easier for people to remember, than a BlogSpot URL.

Some people believe that their car is more fun, if it has a license plate that properly reflects their personality.

We know that Blogger blogs, published to a custom domain, have no special qualities. Is the address so special?

Maybe the belief makes the value. People who buy non BlogSpot URLs are not doing so to waste time or money, they do so because they believe that they will benefit. Many people, who read the advice / content of the people who buy non BlogSpot URLs, will also believe that non BlogSpot URLs have value.

Those people will pay more attention to a non BlogSpot URL, than to a BlogSpot URL, when they see a SERP entry that references a non BlogSpot URL - simply because they believe that a non BlogSpot URL has more value than a BlogSpot URL.

Why did Blogger provide the custom domain publishing feature, originally? They did so because:
  1. Non BlogSpot URLs are more valuable than BlogSpot URLs.
  2. People believe that Non BlogSpot URLs are more valuable than BlogSpot URLs.
  3. People who buy Non BlogSpot URLs believe that Non BlogSpot URLs are more valuable than BlogSpot URLs.
Possibly, #2 and #3, together, make the answer self fulfilling.

People believe - therefore, it is true.

That said, a custom URL will have more value if you set it up properly - and if you manage the new URL, carefully.

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