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The Comment Notification Option Is Subject To The Realities Of Authentication, And Cookie Filtering

Some blog guests cannot understand why they can't get notifications, when someone leaves a comment after them, attached to a post comment form.
Why don't I see the option to "Email follow-up comments to xxxxxxx@yyyyy.zzz"?
or maybe
I selected the option to "Email follow-up comments to xxxxxxx@yyyyy.zzz", but I don't get any reply notifications. Why am I being mistreated by Blogger?
These people do not realise that comment follow-up notifications are subject to the same problems as the embedded comment form.

Many people, preparing to post a comment on their favourite blog, look forward to reading replies from other blog guests - and become confused when they do not see the option to
Email follow-up comments to xxxxxxx@yyyyy.zzz
They don't realise that they will only see that option when they are logged in using a Blogger account - and when their login status is available to the code behind the comment form. Like the desire to post a comment, using one's Blogger / Google account, this option requires availability of the Blogger login cookie, identifying the commenter as being logged in.

An incorrectly set cookie filter can either prevent availability of the comment notification option, when using the embedded comment form (if "third party cookies" are blocked) - or can prevent availability of the option on any comment form (if cookies, in general, are blocked). In either case, the commenter will be treated, by the comment form code, as not being logged in - and no option will be provided.

Also, if the commenter is successfully logged in, but is not using a Blogger account that's attached to an active email address, he / she can select the notification option, but will never receive a notification. This is a typical problem, with a Blogger account setup using a bogus email address, whether accidentally or intentionally.

So, if you don't see the notification option when you post a comment - or if you select the option but never get any email, don't immediately and unilaterally blame the Blogger commenting feature. Do some research, before reporting your problem.

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Gerry Adams said…
Hi Chuck, are they still working on fixing the followers / reading list problems? While some things seem to be working right now, the number of followers on the dashboard versus the followers gadget still don't match, and the followers gadget numbers varies at different times, while the dashboard stays the same. Just wondering, and people are still asking. Thanks! (Late Night Guy)
Nitecruzr said…

They are constantly fixing Following / Friend Connect - that's why pieces of it keep breaking. The real progress, though, will start in March 2012.
Yes, thanks for this useful information!

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