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Blog Owners With Old Browsers May Want To Avoid Trying The New GUI

In general, it's good to be adventurous - but not always. Sometimes, listening to our friends, to be adventurous, gets us into trouble. We're being urged to "Try the updated Blogger interface", by our "friends" - aka Blogger - in our Classic GUI dashboard. Blog owners who are still using an older browser, that's admittedly unsupported by Blogger, may find themselves with a problem, when they "Try the updated Blogger interface".

Clicking on the link, to "Try the updated Blogger interface", you'll find yourself viewing a rather monolithic and ominous warning.
Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss

Now, you're at a point of no return. If your browser is current, you can always take a look at the New GUI, then click "Old Blogger interface", behind the gear icon - and you'll be none the worse. If your browser is out of date, when you get to The New GUI, you may not see the gear icon (or anything else).

If you cannot use the "Old Blogger interface" menu item, you can use the Blogger Classic GUI Recovery URL.

One day, though, you will need to move forward.
  • Install Chrome, or a different browser at current version, then switch back.
  • Upgrade the current browser.
You have to move forward, eventually. Don't wait, forever.

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I'm glad you're writing on this. I had for sometime sent "feedback" to Blogger about this message when I would try to use the new interface but never received any response.

The issue I have is that I still use the Classic GUI dashboard as my blog has been around since 2007. The new interface says that my browser is 5.0, which is what it was in 2007 but we have been on the latest and greatest Windows 7 on a totally new machine as of late 2009.

When my wife uses her blogger account on the same machine, accessing her own blog she uses the new interface without any problems. I too have created another totally seperate account and access it with the new interface without problem.

So why does the new interface say I am on an outdated browser (5.0) when I switch from my 2007 Classic GUI to the new interface?
Ralph Boumenot said…
I'm having this very problem. At work I can not upgrade my browser. At home I did upgrade trying to fix a problem and now I can't find the "switch back" link on any page. My big problem is I used my work computer before I started work to proofread and post my blog that I wrote at home the night before. I can't do that now. When I sign into the blog at work I can view the present posting but as soon as I try to do anything else the blog closes and dumps me to the desktop. I'm not a happy camper right now.
Please help me, the discussion you have here is what I'm experiencing but I can't find any answer for an idiot to cure this problem. I need beginner help. If you can contact me direct that's fine. Kathy
Nitecruzr said…

This issue would be much better discussed in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

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