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Another blog is already hosted at this address

That's the old well known monolithic error, seen when you try to publish your blog to a Google Custom Domain, and possibly later too, when you try to setup the "www" alias of the blog to point to the root. This error is a symptom of several problems, it is not a problem in itself.

You now have to research why the wizard isn't seeing the DNS addresses, that you hopefully just setup.

In some cases, your DNS addresses may be incorrectly defined. Verify your DNS addresses, first. Then, proceed with the procedures below.

In other cases, the problem is a bug in the Blogger database, or maybe in the "" database itself. Or possibly, in the custom domain concept in general.

A Problem With An Identified Service

If the problem is with an identified Google Apps service, with the service explicitly showing up in an HTTP trace, simply disabling the service in question may provide a solution. The Google Sites service is a commonly seen instance of this solution.

In rare cases, you may see your domain URL displayed as the service publishing address, in the Google Apps dashboard display. This is generally seen with either Sites, or with Start Page. After you login to Google Apps, execute Step 7, of the recycle procedure, from the service settings screen.

A Problem With An Unidentified Service

If simply disabling the identified service doesn't help, or if you're seeing a vaguer symptom, such as the well known
Server Not Found

Error 404
display, or the most recently seen advice
Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains
you're going to have to work harder. After you you login to Google Apps, you'll execute each step, enumerated below, for each service, enumerated below.

Even if you are not, intentionally, using a given Apps service, the settings for your blog may be corrupted by any service - so try resetting each service, one at a time, by executing the procedure enumerated below. It's possible that compound problems may require your executing the entire procedure more than once.

Login To Google Apps

Begin this process by logging in to Google Apps.

There are no shortcuts here. Some folks decide that deleting the Google Apps account will automatically stop all domain services, and immediately eliminate the problem. Deleting the Apps account, to shut down services, possibly makes sense when the domain is properly setup. When there is a database corruption problem - which is why you're here - deleting the Apps account simply delays resolution of your problem. If you delete the Apps account, you have to wait for up to 5 days to establish a new Apps account, then you have to start this procedure all over again. Please, do not delete your Google Apps account, as part of resetting the "Another blog" symptom.

The Google Apps Services

Once logged in, you deal with each service in Google Apps, one service at a time. Sites and Start Page are the best known services that can cause problems, but they aren't the only ones. Look at your Google Apps dashboard, and look at additional services under the "Add more services" link. Each of these services can publish to a given URL, such as "", and each service can possibly contribute to your problem. Execute the service recycle procedure, for each service that you have.
The Service Recycle Procedure

In normal life, these steps would negate each other, and all would be a waste of time. This isn't normal life, so don't omit any steps, however silly it all appears. Unless you're familiar with the vagaries of custom domains, some of this will seem illogical. You're in an illogical situation right now, so follow these steps as written.Recycle the settings, for any given service, in proper order.
  1. If the service in question is currently enabled, disable it.
  2. Enable the service, and note the current publishing address.
  3. Set the publishing address to the appropriate address .
  4. Create, then Publish a page of content, using the service.
  5. Delete the page just created.
  6. Set the service publishing address back to its previous setting (as noted in step #2).
  7. Disable the service.
  8. If you want to use the service in question, re enable it.

The Service Settings Screen

You disable a service, and set the publishing address, from the service settings screen. Under the original Apps Desktop, you would access the service settings screen using the "Service settings" pull down menu in the upper right, or from the appropriate link on the Google Apps dashboard. Now, it's the "Settings" menu entry on the far right - or the "View all settings" dashboard link.

You may be able to use the "Organization & users" - Services tab, to disable and enable services that have already been installed. Look under "Core Google Services" for the service in question, and select the appropriate "ON / OFF" toggle button.

If a service is currently uninstalled, there won't be a selection on any menu, or an icon / link on the dashboard. From the "Already Purchased Services" screen, click on the "Add it now" button for the service desired, to install and enable a service.

Under the original Apps Desktop, "Already Purchased Services" was accessed from the "Add more services" dashboard link. Now, you click on the "Get more apps and services" dashboard link, under "Common tasks" - or "Click here to add more Google Services to your domain", from the "Organization & users" Services tab - to access "Already Purchased Services".

If the service is currently installed, and you wish to uninstall it, you use the Settings - General tab, and select the "Uninstall service" link.

You'll observe and set the "publishing address" from the "Web Address Mapping" tab.

The Service Wizard Screen

For most services, you create, publish, and delete pages using the service wizard. Under the original Apps Desktop, you would access the appropriate service wizard by clicking on the URL for that service, below the service label, on the Google Apps dashboard. Now, you click on the "Settings" link next to the service icon, on the dashboard - or click on the Settings link, in the menu.

You'll also find the service URL in the service settings screen, in the "Web Address Mapping" tab. Under the original Apps Desktop, you might find it at the top of the service settings screen, next to "Web address".

Observing And Setting The Service Publishing Address

You'll use the service settings screen to observe the service publishing address, and to set it to the appropriate address.
  • Only do this after you have corrected any existing problems with the DNS addresses.
  • If the problem is with the domain root, or the "www" alias, you'll do this twice. First set the service publishing address to the root of the domain (ie, "") and execute Steps 4 - 7. Then, do the same for the "www" alias (ie, "") and execute Steps 4 - 7.
  • If the problem is with a virtual host (ie, ""), set the service publishing address to the virtual host address (ie, "").
  • This may also apply for URLs with 2 level Top Level Domains, like "" and "". Think about this carefully, when domains with 2 level TLDs are involved - be sure to get the URLs right.
  • When executing Step 6, set the address back to the setting noted in Step 2.
  • Be persistent, don't skip steps because they are "silly". Your problem isn't silly.

The Reset Form

Blogger has provided a new problem reporting tool, that lets them fix the problems similar to those resolved by Google Apps, using the Magical Custom Domain Form. This requires manual human intervention, so don't anticipate immediate resolution of the problem. Note, too, that the Magical Custom Domain Form is known to not provide resolution for all custom domain problems.

If the Custom Domain Form doesn't provide acceptable results, use Blogger Contact, and let them know of the problem.

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Tristan Rhodes said…
Thanks for this info! I fixed my problem by disabling my Google Apps web services and start page.

Tim Coleman said…
Yes, this worked for me as well. I just needed to stop my Google Web Pages service and it worked instantly.
Nimbupani said…
Hi, I heve never subscribed to google apps then how come my domain is using google apps, please help. I am geeting the error that some blog is already hosted on this domain
Nitecruzr said…

Google Apps appears to affect one of the databases that needs to be reset, when the message is seen. By enabling and disabling Google Apps, you may be able to reset the problem causing the error.

I think that this approach is simpler than filling out the Blogger Contact form, and waiting for them to get back to you.
Lisa said…
I'm having TERRIBLE trouble with this still. I'm really not this computer illiterate... but I can't get it set up!
I bought but it only works with the www. If I try it gives me a 404 error. When I click the box in the Publish tab on blogger (the box that asks to redirect the address with www to the same was without the www), it says "Another blog is already hosted at this address". I feel like I've read everrrry single article on this, I don't get what anybody is ever talking about!
Nitecruzr said…

Did you try using Google Apps? Have you posted in Google Blogger Help yet?
Cube said…
dude u rock. it worked. and am so relieved. i thought this would never be possible like the blogspot addresses once deleted (which can never be reused)
Ryan Baker said…
Thanks for all the info, but didn't fix it totally for me. www will work now, but not the root. See was taken up by the Web Page service, so that fixed that, but seems to be pointing at a page that redirects to I was able to wipe out the reference for, but still blogger won't take the site.

My guess is that by seeing a valid page at, even if it's only a redirect page to a 404, it still thinks it's in use. Either than or it's just looking in the google apps database to see if there is a record for

And alas, unfortunately those geniuses allow you to set the web pages app to everything except the root, so I can't override it that way.
Michelle Hipps said…
Awesome! this post has helped in a way you can never understand...may blessings shine on you foreva!!! :)
thanks for all your hard work :)
Pulchritude said…
this made it worked!
I was waiting for 3 days and for their support but I did not get any, but this resolved the error! Thanks.
I disabled the web pages service and I was able to publish on my own domain now.
Rock Madame said…
Thank You! Worked perfectly
Your blog is fantastic! It has helped me so many times. Two questions:

1) Do you offer consulting services? I bet there are some desperate bloggers out there who would be willing to pay you to get some specific situations resolved.

2) Do you take post requests? :) I'd love to see a post about what to do if you want a new custom domain (i.e. you already have one but decide a different URL would be better). Is it easy to switch? I've searched around but can't find anything on the topic.

Thanks again for your excellent site!
I have a different problem, but in the same neighborhood. I want to redirect to, so I clicked the relevant box in the publishing section.

However, it is hosted by GoDaddy, and when I type in, it just gives the "parked free" message, with no redirect.

I don't see how Google Apps would in any way relate to my problem, so I don't want to go that route unless someone assures me it is necessary. What's my next step?
Nitecruzr said…
Hi E-E,

The "www" alias for your domain is fine, but the primary domain points to the GoDaddy parking server.

You need to remove the "A" record for the parking server, which should then let the Blogger server prepare to respond as the primary domain, when asked by your readers browsers. You could, alternately, setup a "301 Moved Permanently" redirect at GoDaddy, for the primary domain.

And if you continue to get "Another blog...", you will have to either use Google Apps (and that's whether or not you see its relevance) or fill out the magical Blogger form, and wait.
JFreak said…
Hey, thanks a bunch for helping me out.

Disabling web pages worked perfectly.
Admin said…
Do i have to pay for the $10 to register for the Google apps to just disable the web services? I want to try this 'coz the magical form does not work
Nitecruzr said…

Did you not get email from Google Apps, with your registration information? How did you buy your domain? When did you submit your entry to the form?
Admin said…
Hi Chuck thanks for replying...

I had my domain through GoDaddy. I was able to change the DNS settings, but the problem about the "Another blog..." error still exist up to now.

I submitted the form 5 days ago.

What should I do? Pls kindly help...thanks a lot. ^_^
Nitecruzr said…
OK, Nurse,

Now, you post in GBH: Something Is Broken, and I can direct Blogger Employee to your forum thread. Please state the custom domain URL when you post - that's essential.
Farah said…
mine is working already! thanks to you chuck! you are really a big help to us :)
I bought my custom domain from google (enoms) and I want my to point to it. Shows another blog is already hosted at this address.
Presumably given that I bought directly from google apps my DNS settingsshould have been set. What must I do please
Nitecruzr said…

This is the article with the instructions. Did you try changing your Google Apps settings, per the steps above?
The DINKs said…

I just realized that you are the same very helpful man who tried to help me on the blogger forums. Thank you for that....I'm still puzzling over everything!

Al said…
THank you! Worked perfectly for me as well. I just activated, and got this error. I disabled, and them enabled Web Pages in Google Apps and the problem was immediately fixed.
Angelo said…
That was really useful, this post solved my problem of setting up my custom domain in Blogger. Great tutorial, many thanks.
Unknown said…
Thank you, for being the best help that is in any way associated with Blogger. You totally rock.
Chris said…
THANK YOU for this information. I thought I was going crazy trying to get this to work, especially because I thought if I bought my domain through Google that was supposed to solve these problems. When I couldn't get it to publish correctly I was going out of my mind.
webmaster said…
The Google Apps fixed worked for me. Thanks!
You're the best. Thanks so much! Took me two full days to work my way through it, finally found your blog. Thanks again.
BHodges said…
This was very confusing, but guess what? IT SOLVED MY PROBLEM!!!!!

Thank you so much for the help.
Hey Nitecruzer- I am trying to point my blogspot: www.palmspringsbaby.blogspot to my custom domain:
I bought the domain through google (but not blogger-wish I had) which is basically godaddy. My custom domain is pointing to but when I go to blogger to point my blogspot acct to the custom domain I get the error message: "Another blog is already hosted at this address." I tried the magic potion but nothing changed.

Please help!!!
Palm Springs Baby:)
Jamie said…
Many thanks! I would add one more hint to those who can't find the "Web Pages" service link on their dashboard screen--there should be a button "add more services." Click on that and add the web page button.
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks for the tip. I think I got an improvement in, but with this evenings excitement, I won't bet on it.
Edgar said…
Thanks! Solved the problem.
Russell Fisher said…
awesome. thanks.
XIRUS said…
MAN! This information is awesome and much needed. I wish I would have read this before I pulled all of my hair out even though I was bald before the 404 error. Thank you.
Mrs Koz said…
Thank you for your instructions here and regarding the 404 errors for custom domains. It took a couple attempts for blogger to catch up, but it all seems to be well again.. for now until I fix some other bugs anyway.

Thank you!
Hugo Lim said…
good one! i solved my problem here..! thanks
Me said…
you rock!
vicy said…
Hi!!I've been here from blogger forum. I am having problem with my new domain name that I purchased from google with it's partner . It is I had blogspot account and should be redirected to my new domain but it didn't work for 5days. I didn't know what to do so I've read and did a lot of possible way to resolve it but what happened is when I switched to blogspot again, my blogspot account work again then I tried to republish, it says " Another blog is already hosted at this address. " I don't know what to do know. Please help me..Thank you so much in advance
Cole said…
I am seeing this error but I bought my domain through GoDaddy. Is it possible DNS settings just have not propagated yet but Blogger has no error for that?
Unknown said…
I also got this error when checked "Redirect to" and clicked on the Save button. Redirection works without this checkbox, maybe because CNAME www -> already made it?
Patty said…
Hi...I have the same problem as everyone. I have gone to by apps dashboard...I do not have a webpages anywhere. (I have start, chat, mail, site, calendar, docs). I have clicked on add more services but It goes to a page where it asks do I want or google app engine. How can I get webpages???? I went to help but they are saying you can't use this service anymore.

Any suggestions???
Nitecruzr said…

You have a new domain, and no access to Pages. You're going to have to use the Custom Domain reset form.
thank you so much ...

I followed your instructions and did one more step then it worked >>

the step was to go back and use the blogger url ..

then publish to custome domain ... and viola :)
Montie_M said…
thanks soooo much! i had been working on it for 2 days until stumbling upon your blog & following your instruction carefully. And, now, my blog is working properly!
european said…
I got this message from the very first moment I tried to publish my blog to my custom domain name. I followed all of your instructions and nothing happened! I also used the "magical custom domain form", waited for almost one week, I used it again and still nothing happens!! When I go to my domain name I get a 404 message and when I try to switch to custom domain, I get the "another blog..." message! Can anybody help me? There is not even a mail support! Do people in google really want to offer a blog service or not?
Nitecruzr said…

Right now, the blogger remediable variants of the "404" / "Another blog ..." afflicted custom domains is running about 2 out of 5 of the overall total. Your custom domain may unfortunately be one in the group of the other 3.

Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken? If you post there, I can escalate your problem to Blogger Support for more personal attention.
filmstar said…
please translate this article.Because my english isn't enough.translate for turkish.i'm turkish.thanks...
Nitecruzr said…

Sorry, Turkish isn't yet supported by Google Translator.
. said…
YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fhez said…
I have been having this problem since i purchased by domain name. I seeked help from Blogger but still could not solve my problem eventhough they really did try to help me. I almost gave up on this. Fortunately i stumble upon this blog and follow your instructions and hooray, my problem is solved now. Thank you very much
Eena said…
Hello. I've tried this and it works! thanks. but one problem though, my blog works fine with Firefox when i typed in my domain with www or without, but using Internet Explorer and Safari (on windows) it only works if i include the www part and doesn't if i only type in (my domain). But it works both way with Safari on Mac. For your info, my domain is under GoDaddy and I've deleted the "A" record for the parking server, and also have setup the "301 Moved Permanently" redirect thingy. Help please?
Nitecruzr said…

Firefox has a different way of handling the "www" vs domain root situation when one of the two is incorrectly defined. Neither "301 Moved Permanently" nor deleting the "A" record for the parking server is going to help you by itself! You need definitions for both the domain root and the "www" alias.
Eena said…
Hi. I've tried filling in as below:

A (Host) points to point to 64.233.179

CNAMES (Aliases) points to points to

And i've republished the the blog but it still doesn't work on Internet Explorer. When i type in the domain without www it shows the error "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". It works with www included though.
Nitecruzr said…

Ask for help in GBH: Something Is Broken, not here. Use community help, and a forum.
Android said…
You rock!
Everyone please follow every step!
Anonymous said…
All I did was disable the "Sites" feature in Google Apps and it worked instantly... Thanks!!!!!! I was freaking out and was about to buy another domain lol.
Brett said…
Thank you. Worked for me- I've been trying different things for months.
Em said…
Thanks, it's all working now. I have a question - how do you link your links to go to the middle of the post

Eg: "the services settings screen" linking to ""
Nitecruzr said…

That's called an anchor link.
Em said…
thank you :)
Apples said…
I have the same problem as Patty
"Patty said...
Hi...I have the same problem as everyone. I have gone to by apps dashboard...I do not have a webpages anywhere. (I have start, chat, mail, site, calendar, docs)..."

I entered my domain in the Custom Domain reset form. Hopefully this will work.
Labombin said…
I dont know what I just did except disabling and re-enabling...but it worked.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Every thing was working. My naked domain "" and subdomain "" both landed on the same page by default (I didnt setup or do anything for this result) - just what I wanted!

All was well till one day I decided to host a blog as well and setup blogger to use my custom domain "". AFTER I clicked save, it show me "redirect to", and that too already checked. Then the mess began. Try as I might, I am not able to undo this "damage".

After quite a few alternates to redirect my naked domain to my "www" subdomain, I continue to get "HTTP 404 - File not found"

How can I revert back so that "" and" both land on my home page back again?

Nitecruzr said…

This is best diagnosed in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging, where we can use an online forum, instead of Blogger based commenting for interactive discussion.
Thank you so much! This post helped and I was able to upload my blog to my custom domain, all it took was one step!
Laura Simms said…
I hit a dead end with the Blogger and Google help forums, but your info on disabling Google Apps saved me. My blog is now at is own custom domain,

Thank you!
Lucy Vaserfirer said…
I have tried the Service Recycle Procedure several times to publish my blog to my custom domain (which I bought through google), and I have also tried the Magical Custom Domain Form (a week ago), and nothing seems to be working. I believe I am getting stuck at step 3 "Set the publishing address to the appropriate address needing attention." I noted that the current publishing address says But I do not understand what to set it to? Do I set it to or or, or what? Please help, for I am hopelessly confused...Thank you.
Eloise said…
Thank you so much! I followed your steps exactly and was able to link my blogger blog without the dreaded "another blog is already hosted at this address" message. I have NO idea why it worked but am very appreciative for your help.
Ananda said…
Thank you so much! I finally know what to do about this! :-)
Never realized a blog like this even existed, thank you, you rock! ~Teraisa
Wow - that finally did it ! I signed up today for a domain through google and want it to forward to my blog I set DNS, checked DNS, got a Dig report, used IP tools to confirm everything - and I still had the error - Another blog is already hosted at this address. I even sent you guys a request for help using the excel spreadsheet. I published blog to domain nothing reset it. Finally - recycling the services did the trick. I suspect my sites page as the bad one. After the first disable / enable it acted weird. Did that a couple more times, created a site, deleted it. Finally I saw a different default welcome page than before. It looked newer. Went back to my blog - and it finally let me publish to the !!! OK ... footnote - I panicked after it first saved the url. I could not find the page at all with either the domain or the blog url. PANIC.... waited a few for whatever dns whereever in your DNS proxy array to catch up. AND TA DA !!! OK ... that's 5 hours of my life I may not see again. BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help !!! ps - I am glad you pointed out this situation is illogical ;), it kept me going when I wanted to give up. Thanks again.
mnthomp said…
Dude, thank you!
Unknown said…
You are my hero !!!! After 3 days of testing and frustration I got my blog active.
Thank you for this information.

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