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It looks like this is the problem of the week.

Bloggers report this when updating their template. Some publishing by FTP. Maybe another Classic templates problem? We see currently 61 threads, the oldest started 6/1, some with multiple Bloggers posting.

>> (Edit 6/11): It appears that the workaround described below isn't 100% effective.

>> (Edit 6/4): Blogger claims to know the source of the problem, and has developed a workaround. The problem is related to Ad-Sense, and is avoided by adding a line of code to your Ad-Sense snippet. (Note): If you have multiple AdSense entries in the blog, be sure to update all entries!

<div class='adsense' style='text-align:center; padding: 0px 3px 0.5em 3px;'>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_host="pub-1556223355139109"; <== Add this line
<script type="text/javascript"

And, after you add the "google_ad_host" entry, clear your cache.

>> Help diagnose the problem, by helping us see the scope. If you are suffering from this:
  1. Does your blog have a Classic, or Layouts, template?
  2. Are you publishing to Blog*Spot, or by FTP to an external server?
  3. How recently did you make changes successfully?
  4. What change did you just make, unsuccessfully?

>> There does seem to be some relationship with another error code bX-o0zoa0.

>> Forum thread links: bX-r1buvw

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Narkito said…
I just got this error. I use the used-to-be beta blogger, with a classic template created by me. At first I got the bX-o0zoa0 error, the blogger team provided a work around solution that didn't worked and said it had to do with outdated adsense code, today I tried to make a change just to see if this thing was working and got this error: bX-r1buvw.

I was tryngo to change a few e-mails, however, even if I don't make a change the error occurs.
SSG said…
I cant make any kind of change at all. I cant remove even 1 character from any portion of my code. I do not use ftp. I am using the web based html editor.
elifbb said…
I got the error when I wanted to update my template as I do weekly. I have a classic template, and I publish it on blogger. I don't use ftp.

I weekly update several links and images on my blog, and I published the updates last week successfully. I encountered this error today. Weird thing is; I have the same blog with the same template in Turkish, and I didn't have any errors on publishing. It just worked fine.
brownbrothers said…
I have the same error, but i have another blog in blogger and it doesn´t happen the error.

Anyone can help us????

Thanks a lot.

See you
brownbrothers said…
I have the same problem in my blog but in the other one that i have it doesn´t happen the same.

I think this problem is blogger troubles because it is not normal that everybody happen the same the same day, yesterday 3 june 2007.

What can we do???
Doug Ragan said…
I am getting this error also. I am publishing to an FTP when it happens. I am using a classic template.
A Blogger said…
I'm getting the same problem just trying to save back my blog.

Details are :

Additional information
blogID: 12418561
uri: /

I guess I'm using a clasic template as it's one I set-up on the old blogger.

Simply using the dashboard to make any change (including no change) and saving the template generates an error during the save and the save fails.
yeah, fixed my problem. I didnt think to change the firefox google ad.

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