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Blogger Magic - Publish Posts To Pages

Ever since Blogger gave us the option to add pages to our blogs - and provided the complementary Pages index gadget - blog owners have asked, periodically
How do I publish my posts to pages?
This is a pretty simple procedure, too - once we understand the complementary nature of dynamic and static pages.

Once you understand the differences between dynamic and static pages, and see that the Pages gadget will index both types of pages, the process of publishing posts to pages becomes reasonably simple.
  • Publish posts, and assign labels to the posts.
  • Add label search URLs, as "link pages", using "Configure Page List".
Now, if you want your posts to only appear on the pages - not in main page view, you add a third step, which has a number of choices.The latter step is just a bit more complex, and simply requires that you decide what you wish your readers to see - instead of the main page of posts, when reading your blog for the first time. There are a variety of choices available.

Finally, to make the display look a bit cleaner, you may not want to see the "Showing posts with label ..." box.
One of the key steps in this process is getting the label search URL, for the Page being added. Look to the end of this post, just above the comments.
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If I wanted to add a tab for "Blogger Magic", I could extract the search URL, from the link.
Blogger Magic
giving me
Now, I'll plug that URL into the Pages gadget, as a "link address", with "Page title" of "Blogger Magic".

See "Magic", in the menu bar at the top?

Now, do this for any post in your blog, that you want to appear in a non "Home" Pages tab.
  • Pick a post, in your blog.
  • Extract the label search URL, from a label for that post.
  • Use that label search URL, as a "link address", in Layout - "Pages".
  • Publish more posts, using that same label.

Do this carefully, and you can even have the Pages entries appearing on the menu bar, with the blog viewable using a dynamic template. You can even have this, if you normally display the blog using a non dynamic template.

(Update 2012/06/30): See The Video, for a live demonstration.

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Anonymous said…
wow, really helpful, thanks so much!
Vishal said…
thx :)
indu chhibber said…
i shall try,looks easy,thnx
Anonymous said…
Thanks for taking the time to send this.
Julie said…
ok very new to html etc. I understand what I need to do but where do I find the label search URLs at? I made a post and added lables to it but where do i get the URL's to put in when i get to step 3 Add label searches as "Web address" pages, using the Pages editor.

I need some stupid simple directions hear please lol
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks for reminding me of this detail! See if the improvements, above, help any.
Julie said…
Thanks for the help I think I did it right but im not sure. The first post under my new tab is still showing up on my Home Page? How will I make more post to the new tab "Little Bits of Learning" I just created.?
Nitecruzr said…

I think that it's time for me to recommend that you post in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, so we can go over the process, in detail.
Unknown said…
This post was so helpful! I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while now. Thanks for posting!
Unknown said…
Is there any way in blogger to make a page and make it as default publishing page, as taken normally by defalut???
Hannah said…
Hi, I'm hoping you can help me. I am trying to post a new page on my blog. It allows me to preview the page but after I publish it and hit view, it directs me back to my home page. I have 3 existing pages that work just fine, so I'm not sure why I am all of a sudden having a problem. Any advice?
Abhay Chauhan said…
Hi I have successfully created the page as you described but it shows on the top of page
Showing posts with label "xxx". Show all posts.
Can it be removed
Andres Vera said…
This is a good alternative to what I have right now... multiple blogs with pages linking to each other. Here are some questions to help me figure out what I'm going to do:

- is there a way to "blog archive" from ALL your blogs (not just the current blog)?

- is there a way to label search from ALL your blogs (not just the current blog)?

- using the label search URL method to create multiple pages, is there a way to custom edit the different resulting pages? (change the gadgets that appear on each new page)?

Thank you!
Nitecruzr said…

You have several very interesting questions.

I'd like to explore them, in depth, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?.
Bloomsbury24 said…
Hi! Thanks for the help.
I had another question. Is it possible to update to both my homepage and "New Trailers" page separately? I have different content that I want to go on my homepage and on my "New Trailers" page. I don't want the content on my "New Trailers" page to show up on my homepage, but I still want to be able to update my homepage.
Nitecruzr said…

For your "New Trailers" page, you publish posts to the "New Trailers" label - then add a dynamic page, based on the "New Trailers" label search.

For your Home page, you publish posts to the Home label - then redirect the Home page to a dynamic URL, based on the Home label search.

Setup of both Home and New Trailers pages are mentioned in this post.
staciemag said…
Chuck, your answer to Bloomsbury helped answer my identical question, but I have one more question for you.

I already have my blog and pages in place. Can I do all of the steps you mention to Bloomsbury just in edit mode on the homepage and pages I've already created, or do I need to delete everything and start over? Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but I'm VERY new to blogging and quite computer illiterate. Thanks!

Nitecruzr said…

You can use existing posts - and add labels, as you like. When you setup the pages, you'll create new pages, based on label search URLs.
Thisismyname said…
Unfortunately this did not work for me. It sent me to a page trying to sell me the URL that I had posted.
Nitecruzr said…

What URL did you post?
2beaglemama said…
So I'm trying to follow along with the help of your video, but seems like blogger has a new format. The dropdown menu is no longer an option with the new page, so how do I chose to make the new page a web address?
vibi said…
With Blogger, I'm getting a shadow box top of "blogger magic" page, saying "Showing all articles which read "blogger magic". View all articles".

As well as a "No articles" white shadow box on my home static page (0 art. chosen in settings)

Would you know how I can get rid of those?

Thanks a million
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Vibi,

Thanks for asking this.

You are discussing the "Status Message" box.

It's not difficult to hide "Status Message" - but that's not a very granular solution. Watch the blog carefully, after you tweak the template.

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