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The New GUI (2011) Is Here - And Is Not Going Away

Last month, Blogger took the next step in making us use the New Blogger GUI, and started migrating our accounts, aggressively. This change did not please a lot of people.

Why won't Google admit the new interface is an utter failure, and scrap it?
This is an example of misguided optimism. Blogger is not simply going to scrap it.

The people such as in the latter example, who are protesting the coming of the New Blogger Interface, are making three mistakes.
  1. They are wasting their own time and energy, protesting.
  2. They are not telling people, specifically, what problems they see.
  3. They are encouraging other people to waste time and energy.

The New Blogger Interface is not going to go away - nor is it an utter failure.

No previously controversial Blogger features, seen in the past, have been scrapped.
  • Auto pagination.
  • Automated account and blog recovery.
  • Spam mitigation.
Each of those features have received far more criticism than The New GUI - even considering the problems discovered, in The New GUI, to date. And, each of those features are still in place - and are tuned, occasionally.

Better get used to it, folks. The New Blogger Interface will, eventually, become The Blogger Interface - with, or without, your approval. If you want to accomplish something, tell everybody what, specifically, you consider to be a problem. Just tell everybody what problems you see, while there is still time to get something done - before we see a Gear icon, with no menu entry for "Old Blogger interface", on everybody's dashboard.

(Update 9/19): This week, the end just got here.

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CWMartin said…
That's the reason why so many have left blogger- everything is "whether you want to or not." Not to mention they dump it on you witout any more explanation of what's different than a "here, try it out" a few weeks beforehand. I realize that due to its nature blogger must be more dictatorship than service, but is there a need to be so damnably glaring about it every time?
The only issue I have with the new GUI is the fact that I can't find and edit the design features as easily. This is the only thing I have reverted back for, thus far.
Paul Crowe said…
Great points Chuck and something I may reiterate on my own blog.I have been using it for the last few weeks and while I also got frustrated at first the new search preferences did soften the blow.The lack of the link field is a major major inconvenience for me but here's hoping that will be rectified.

As with the Million plus "Change Back" groups on Facebook when Twitter and Facebook themselves changed their interface I think once the missing features have been added users will come to like the new GUI.
Chuck Croll said…
Thanks, Paul, good points all.

I had a real time convo with Blogger Support, a couple weeks ago, and pointed out several omissions (some of which I listed above) - and they were reasonably receptive of my criticisms.

I think we'll see a couple improvements before the "Old Blogger interface" menu selection vanishes for good - though if some of the "Change Back" trolls operating here were to actually try to cooperate, I bet we would see still more improvements. I suspect that my own, personal dislike for the New Interface, lacking the "Your post has been published!" display, is no secret.

Taking at face value some of the moronic comments seen here during the past couple months, it's almost like some people have a strange sense of entitlement, and think that Google is required to ask them for permission, before being allowed to redesign their features.

Whatever they are smoking, they are not polite enough to even offer to share. WordPress, here they come.
CWMartin said…
Not asking for them to ask permission, just a little better explanation and the chance to feel like feedback matters. Is THAT so much to ask?
Chuck Croll said…

Flies - vinegar - honey.

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