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Creating A New Blog

In terms of questions which seem, to me, to be on the level as the legendary question
Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?
the question, asked by some folks in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?
How do I setup a new blog?
would seem to be at the top of the list. But, it's not necessarily so, for everybody.

The process of setting up a new blog, using the "Create a new blog" wizard, seems reasonably obvious - for those who have already done one, anyway.

  • Open the dashboard "My blogs..." list.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the list.
  • Hit "New blog...".
  • Enter a Title.
  • Enter an accepted and available Address.
  • Pick a Template.
  • Hit "Create blog!".
  • Get started - develop your blog.
  • With a popular blog subject, choose and grab the URL first.

But, there are details, which not everybody gets the first time. And Blogger blogs are all about the details - unpleasant at they may be, sometimes.

If you're like me, and create new blogs periodically, note the limit of new blog creation per Blogger account.

Start with the Blogger dashboard.

If this is your first blog, start from the Blogger dashboard.

Click on "Create Your Blog" or "Sign In". Sign in to Blogger, if necessary.

If you already have a Blogger account - and this is not your first blog, click on the "New blog..." link, at the bottom of the blog selector list.

See "New blog...", at the very bottom of "My blogs"?

Use "Create a new blog", and create your blog.

Type a title, and a blog address - then select a theme.

The Title

The Title (sometimes referred to as the "Name") is entirely your choice. Any number of blogs can have the same Title - and you can change the Title of your blog now, or any time in the future.

The Address

The Address (also sometimes referred to as the "Name" or "URL") is your choice - but subject to acceptability, and availability. Even with an acceptable and available address verified in real time, if you take any more than 0.00 seconds to hit "Create blog!" after verifying availability, somebody else may steal your choice.

You can change the Address later - but again, subject to acceptability and availability. And if the Address / Name / URL acquires any reputation, you will do well to plan the change, before making the change.

The Theme

This is the most daunting selection, for many people - but it's easy enough to change, later. One mistake made sometimes involves people creating a blog intended to be private, and selecting a dynamic template ("Dynamic Views").

Just remember, the longer that you take to get from entering the address, to hitting "Create blog!" - even 1 second - may be too long for some popular blog names.

The Button

One of the most mysterious parts of "Create a blog" is the button
Create blog!
Sometimes, you hit the button, and it does nothing - just sits there looking at you. What now, is Blogger broken? Most likely, you have failed to enter an acceptable and available blog address. Go back to The Address, and try again.

With a popular blog subject, choose and grab the URL first.

Choosing an available URL, as you setup your new blog, can be exciting. If the blog subject is popular, you may be competing with other would be blog owners, for the right URL.

If necessary, you can choose an available and shiny URL today - then setup and develop the blog, tomorrow. Or, setup the blog today, then write your posts this week - then customise and tweak the blog, next week.

More Advice

You may find more advice, in Blogger Help: Getting Started Guide, and Blogger Help: About URLs.


George Xenos said… broken link my friend
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Daisy,

Thanks for the heads up! Keeping up with Blogger, and their irregular (to say the least) documentation updates is a job for Sisyphus (or maybe Rip Van Winkle). See if the update is better.

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