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Confusion Over Newer Browser Versions Unaccepted

Occasionally, we see confused blog owners reporting a problem with using Blogger, because of their browser version.
I am seeing an error when I try to use Blogger.
Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
I just upgraded, last week, to the latest version of Internet Explorer! What now?
And this is one blog owner who does not understand Blogger, and their browser support policy.

With the release of each new browser version, Blogger has to labouriously re check each different feature in Blogger, and re code for specifically discovered problems, caused by various code changes, in the new version. If any browser brand / version is not recognised as supported, by the Blogger code, it defaults to an error message - such as reported above.

It would be nice if Blogger could state explicitly what problem is active.

We would hope for Blogger to authoritatively state why any specific browser version is unsupported.
  • For older browser versions
    Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger.
  • For newer versions
    Your browser is not yet supported by Blogger.
That would be the ideal solution - but it's simply not possible, given all of the different browser brands and versions, to make that distinction, with complete consistency.

Blogger Engineers can only track so many different browser versions.

Blogger Support has to keep up with the browser update war, so they can't let the browser updates amass. At any time, there can be, at most, one new browser version that remains untested. At the same time, the number of unsupported older versions is continually increasing.

Historically, different browser brand / versions were not explicitly defined by a label such as
  • This is Firefox V12.
  • This is Internet Explorer V8.
  • This is Internet Explorer V9.

Different browsers do not explicitly identify each version.

The different browser brands and versions have to be deduced by specific code and individual testing, in the browser HTML and back code. This makes it impossible for Blogger code to reliably identify any browser as being too new (and untested), as opposed to too old (and unsupported). And it leaves us having to settle for seeing
Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
after we upgrade to the latest and greatest version.


Thank you for the explanation, Nitecruzr. The funny thing is the Firefox browser I'm using - I've been using for quite a while and it's only now that it's unsupported by blogger!
Kathryn said…
Thanks for the explanation. I got it for the first time today and I haven't updated Firefox recently. So, it sounds like it was Blogger that made the updates and they don't have them working for all browsers yet. The way the message was worded, I thought it meant they were no longer supporting Firefox!

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