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New Custom Domains "In Transition" And Various Blog Gadgets

About a year after Blogger introduced custom domain publishing, they segmented the custom domain publishing process.

In order to avoid database corruption, which was a frequent cause of the "Another blog ..." problem, they introduced a delay period, which we call "Transition". Transition lets them delay key blog updates - until the world wide DNS infrastructure has a chance to reliably update with information about any new Google custom domains.

In the beginning, Transition lasted almost exactly 72 hours, and delayed creation of the "301 Moved Permanently" redirect from the BlogSpot to domain URL. Later, when Following became a fixture on most blogs, we observed that the Followers gadget was also being updated on a Transition based delay.

The Followers gadget is not the only accessory that references the blog URL - and recently, we observed that more features are subject to Transition based update delays.

Recently, we observed various XML gadgets, like Followers, that contain references to the blog URL, are also subject to Transition scheduling.
  • Blog Feeds.
  • BlogLists.
  • LinkLists.
All of these gadgets use XML code, and appears to be subject to a Transition based update delay.

If you just republished your blog, using "Buy a domain", to a non BlogSpot URL, you may be seeing the Transition symptoms.
We're sorry...
This gadget is configured incorrectly.
or alternately, simply a blank space where one or more gadgets used to be seen.

Another change recently observed is that the former 72 hour Transition is now 96 to 120 hours, for some gadgets.

As frustrating as these peccadilloes may be, they are still less frustrating than blog owners seeing the old
Another blog is already hosted at this address.
or worse, having their readers report
Error 404
Server not found
when trying to view a custom domain published blog.

And of the (progressively rarer) reports of "Another blog ..." seen in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, 9 times out of 10, we end up pointing out various DNS address mistakes, instead of suggesting
Try recycling the domain settings, in Google Apps.

Now that Blogger has discontinued the "Buy a Domain" feature, we have not yet observed when Transition is applied.


Unknown said…
hi. i just bought my custom domain name through blogger today.. But there was this 404 error! Previously, this was an instantaneous redirect.. But now there is an error!

Help! Must i wait?


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